Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Morimoto scored his first goal against Atalanta.....not Ascoli

For an excellent synopsis of what went down, Ken Matsushima at Rising Sun News posts about the Prodigy


Catch the video of the goal.......not a clean one but he sticks with it....reminds me of the Hiramoto goal against Yokohama FC in the pissing rain.


It looks like the brains in America had an epiphany and decided to make MLS into a reality show ALA Big Brother. Chivas USA (the team in LA that doesn't have the human commercial playing midfield) is starting a show where 2000 hopefuls from around the world try to acheive their dream of making the roster of a middle table football club in a less than glamourous league.

The link is here

One can only pray for a show on TV Ibaraki somewhere in the distant future called MITO HOLLYHOCK-Chasing the Dream Dragon! Knowing Japanese TV it would probably involve those creepy Kano sisters and SMAP sitting around eating tofu dishes and boring the hell out of me. Oishiiiiii neeeeee

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