Monday, January 29, 2007


全緑疾走! That's the new slogan......BABELFISH says it means All the green running. OK
The prodigy made his debut for Catania late in their game against Ascoli. Catania was trailing 1-0 when Morimoto put in a goal 9 minutes from end time to tie the game and steal a point for the pale blue pachyderms and help them move to 5th in the Serie A standings.
Check out Morimotomania for more details.
Time to sleep!

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Ultranippon said...

It was a good goal! Morimoto made an excellent control, dribbling 2 defenders inside Atalanta's area and scoring a beatiful goal at 88th minute.

And Catania finally buy him for 600.000 €... I'm happy for him because playing in Serie A will make to improve his skills.

I think he is able to be better than Kazu Miura but he must work so hard!

Ganbare Morimoto!