Friday, January 19, 2007

The new uniforms have been unveiled

When I can find a place to steal pictures, I'll post them here but first, here's a link

The Good- Three new keeper uniforms (Dark Blue with light blue stripes on the side, Purple with grey, and a Yellow/Black combo). Nice kits........banished the pink and baby blue to Tosu where they belong.

The road uniform is light grey with a green solid stripe on the sleeves and down the side. Little orange lines down the front sides are a nice touch.

The Bad- The home kits are all green (shirt and shorts). It's overwhelming on first sight. I have gotten a bit more used to it, but my rule is Dark shirt-light shorts. Especially if you aren't using blue/red/black as your primary color on your shirts. Black or dark brown would have been OK as shorts for a green shirt. I'm not crazy about it.

The CyberAgent Ameba logo is very prevalent on the shirt. Too much. Last year, the Ameba was big but it kind of fit with the kit because it looked like a shamrock. This year it's too wordy.

The Ugly- The two Kappa hos are all over this kit like a Chinese Massage girl on a drunk tourist in Roppongi. The Kappa dog definetely marked their green territory on this one. Two Huge logos on the sleeve and two more big ones on the sides.

They're not the best, but they aren't the worst either.

Yokohama FC takes the cake with this abomination.

Omiya harkens back to a more classic look.........ROLLERBALL from the 70's. Ughhh.

Urawa did something doubly bad...........first one was the backwards S of SAVAS, which screams "cutesy" Toys R Us or something with the two naked little kids holding hands and saying "Love is". The DHL iron on jersey for the ACL screams out Girls REC's pretty bad.

So Verdy is not awful but not great. Shimizu, Ehime, and Kyoto went with more classic looks and did a nice job.


Ultranippon said...

The only thing who I don't like so much are the two big kappa logos :S, but the green shirt is nice (the orange lines looks cool!).

Don't you like the green kit? In my opinion is a nice combination the green shirt and the green shorts!

Well, the shirt isn't too bad and it isn't a fitted shirt as I though when I knew kappa would be the sponsor. In addition, the shirts look more comfortable than last nike's shirts.

The jacket of Hulk is nice too!!

I would like to buy the first shirt
but I don't know how :'(

SMB said...

I think it would look better if the shorts were switched like last year. I'm not a fan of unicolor kits unless it's white or gray.

It looks like the shirts are running about 12000 yen. Do you have a friend or contact in Japan that can buy it for you?

SMB said...
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Ultranippon said...

I had a Japanese friend who was the owner of a Japanese shop but she went to Japan and closed the shop :(. Now, my friends in Japan are you and Nick.

Emm if I send you the money can you bring me the shirt? If you can't there isn't no problem! I relly like to put it :D. If you like some shirt of the Spanish League I also buy it and send you!

SMB said...

We'll work something's not gonna happen until after May though. funds are tight right now!