Friday, January 19, 2007

My good mood is gone!

One of my least favorite Verdy players has come back to torment me! Kazunori Iio has returned to darken my days at Ajinomoto. Just the threat of Kazunori Iio appearing in the starting lineup has me a bit queasy. To be fair, Iio had some nice moments when he made the jump to J1 with Avispa, scoring 3 goals and notching 2 assists in 17 games. And I guess it's always nice to have some depth if a catastrophe happens.

I'm sure he's a nice enough guy and he works hard but I hope he gets loaned out.

Now here's something a bit nicer

Young defender Naoki Mihara has rejoined the squad. Mihara didn't see any game time last year.

He's only 19 though so baby steps. I hope he gets loaned out too, but for experience not out of spite.

Leonardo Augusto Vieria Moriera leaves the squad for Sagan Tosu

2o year old Brazilian midfielder Leonardo Moriera has left the club for Sagan Tosu. I would be more disappointed but I don't know who the hell he is. Seriously, who is he?

Anybody know? Verdy does stealth signings? So there were 8 Brazilians on the squad last year? Really?

Tokyo Derby set for February 25th

FC Tokyo and Tokyo Verdy are set to meet for the first time in 2 years on the the 25th of February. The preseason match is going to be at 2pm at Ajinomoto Stadium. This could be the first indication of how well the team will gel during the season. It also might be a dry run for a future Derby that means something. Anyhow, it's a chance to see Paulo Wanchope and the rest of the gasmen against a whole new Verdy squad.

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