Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sites from America

Once in awhile, I like to introduce you to sites not specifically related to Verdy.....well, here's two that are way out there.
The first one is by my friend from Big Soccer before she decided to escape the intellectual monkeycage and branch out on her own. Forteleza Menina has just started a site about MLS squad Real Salt Lake. Why a team like RSL gets such a beautiful and intelligent woman to dedicate time documenting their glory and pitfalls is beyond me but she does it so it would be rude not to read the blog........everyday. You can find it at
The second site I'd like to introduce is a site dedicated to my team in the US, FC Dallas. Buzz Carrick is the dean of team reporters, setting a standard that in my opinion, no one has come close to matching. Buzz recently has had some articles published in ESPN so he is getting some well deserved recognition for his professionalism and hard work. 3rd degree ( a wordplay on the former name of FC Dallas...the of the worst names in sports history outside of the ill-fated Kawaguchi FairyZ) can be found at
Maybe you'll get an interest in MLS.........just don't even think about becoming a Houston Dynamo fan!

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