Saturday, June 30, 2007

Like Bad Breath........

I'm back.

Couple of interesting tidbits to pass along as I try to get back into the swing of things

1. Yukio Tsuchiya is out for 6 weeks. He came up injured in the game against Flaming Pink on Wednesday.

2. Atsuhiro Miura is allegedly a target for Ramos and friends. The 32 year old former captain of Vissel Kobe was told to hit the road after criticizing Vissels manager for his player selection and tactics. The team said that he had to apologize, he didn't and he was let go.

Over the past couple of weeks, Ramos has made overtures to his former teammate from Verdy days of yore in an attempt to lure him back as a wing.

It was easy to dismiss the overtures as another attempt by Rui to get his name in the papers and make him look like he was trying to do something to save the SS Green Titanic. Another mercurial former foreign legend from the days of J league infancy, Pierre Littbarski, also has made advances towards the gritty professional.

One had to be wondering why Miura would take a step back into J2 when some of the lower rung J1 squads were begging for his services and leadership. It seems to me the clock was ticking on his J1 career and road trips to Tosu couldn't be too palatable for the former National teamer.

The first sign that maybe Verdy's overtures were more credible came in the form of a response by Yokohama FC that they would not be pursuing the services of Miura because of money and desire. Now, when a team with a massive Verdy fetish like Yokohama FC turns down the chance to get one of its former legends, you know that something is last count they had Silva, Kazu, Yamada, Sugeno, Nejime, Tamano, Takagi, Hiramoto and new signing Hayashi all claiming ties to the Green.

A few days ago, Vissel added to the speculation that Miura would take the field in green by issuing a statement saying that they would only transfer Miura to a J2 squad......J1 was out of the question. Reasonable enough, Vissel kind of is mediocre bordering on suck and they don't want a pissed off former player going at them directly or indirectly for a rival.

Like everything Verdy does, this move could be good or bad..........

What will Miura do when he sees that Ramos (or Littbarski) are both mediocre as managers and have the same aggravating style of indecision and constant player moves?

What will adding another "crony" do to the likes of a Fukuda who hasn't seen the pitch in a long time?

Why is a team who is mid table second division trying to get older?

What does this do to the leadership structure of the squad.........Is Ono still the captain? Hattori? Does Miura get the band after walking in?

Is he a forward or defender?

Any other manager, I'd say bring him in........but Rui? He'll mess up for sure.

Game on!

Sunday, June 03, 2007


I have decided to take a break from blogging for the month of June.......I will be back on July 1st, hopefully relaxed and refreshed.

Kinda came to this conclusion during the game when I was doing everything but paying attention to what was on the field yesterday.

OH YEAH......I blame Kaz Iio for th loss yesterday.....I don't know why Rui insists on playing the guy after win streaks but he is the biggest jinx I've ever seen.

So look for me on July 1st to blog again.......much apologies, feel free to keep the discussions going though here.