Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Marcus move hits the tabloids

Sports Hochi (the Yomiuri publication-parent company of NTV which is half owner of Verdy) has reported that indeed Marinos is in heavy pursuit of Marcus.

It does cast a shadow on an absolutely perfect offseason for Verdy.........unless they replace him with Pavel Nedved. Then it would be TOO perfect.

I'll keep monitoring this situation and let you know if indeed he is gone and what unnamed Brazilian will replace him.

Ishikawa on the move to Montedio

Tatsuya Ishikawa has been sent to Montedio Yamagata on a one year loan after returning to Kashima. Ishikawa had an up and down campaign for Verdy, appearing in 21 games but never seeming to develop a decent rhythm opposite Koijiro Kaimoto. Another familiar face in an unfamiliar place.

Soccer Digest gives Verdy a AA rating for the 2007 campaign

Well, I am not alone in heaping praise on Verdy's offseason moves....WSD gave Verdy it's highest rating and the number 1 seal for offseason moves and overall team strength.

The ratings were

VERDY 2006 A 2007 AA
Kyoto 2006 A 2007 A
Avispa 2006 A 2007 B
Cerezo 2006 A 2007 B
Consadole 2006 B 2007 B
Vegalta 2006 B 2007 B
Sagan 2006 B 2007 C
Montedio 2006 C 2007 C
Shonan 2006 D 2007 C
Ehime 2006 C 2007 C
Tokushma 2006 D 2007 D
Thespa 2006 D 2007 E
Mito 2006 D 2007 E

Every position got an A rating except for the GK (which was rated a B)

The projected starting lineup is as follows

FW Hiramoto Hulk

MF Marcus Ono
(Sato) (Hiroyama)

Nanami Ze Luis
(Ono) (Tomisawa)

DF Hattori Tsuchiya Togawa Kaimoto

GK Takagi

My choice is Hiroyama in the starting lineup, especially if Marcus goes. Without Marcus it doesn't look as attractive. It might be worth considering putting Kanazawa in Ze Luis position and having the big man up top with Hiroyama or Marcus as an attacking mid. But hey, the offense and defense look much better than last season.

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Ultranippon said...

I would like Marcus stay at Verdy because not only he has quality but also he has a lot of experience.

But, as you said, if Marcus goes to Marinos it wouldn't be a drama. Instead of Marcus can play Ono, Sato, Kanazawa and even, the new player, Yoshitake.

I agree with WSD, I would give too an AA. I think all the lines looks ok with the new players!

Come on Verdy! Vamos Verdy!!