Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sporting Verdy?

Song of the day Andre 3000 down with Tokyo Hearts?
A couple of the Japanese Verdy blogs have pictures of the new unis......Celticy? Sporty? I kind of like em actually. Havent seen the road unis yet but I'm sure they will be posted tonight.
A couple things quickly........Hagimura and Fukunishi officially called it quits. Hagimura will hold a coaching position with Verdy and Fukunishi will be on TV laughing at stupid comics and eating stuff.
Sorry I haven't written more.......Soilent Green is coming out my nose. I'm sick

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Schedule!

So yeah......Fukunishi turned down offers from Ehime and the K League to focus on his burgeoning career as TV Talent..........Ass.
Former Verdy DF/CM Atsushi Yoneyama heads to Tochigi. Say hi to Sato!
And finally from the J League website.......schedule day is February 2nd for the big boys and February 6th for the second division.........11 days and counting!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Morning snippet

Fukunishi calls it quits?

Sponichi says yes

Or maybe Sponichi says Fukunishi likes Japanese ain't so good!


Song of the day Not ashamed I like the angry Canadian.
enjoy the comic......Oguro gets man of the match so you know it's a fantasy!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Song of the day

OK lots of news and little motivation to do this so let's do this quick!

First....that guy up above. Kazuya Iwakura. New Verdy member.......welcome!

Second.....former Verdy Kawasaki player and recent Consadole Sapporo retiree Junji Nishizawa joined the scouting staff for Verdy on the 19th.....welcome!

Third.....Technical Director Kato.....the guy who managed to blow up the team a week before the big game is out as of January 31st. The rumor is Kazu's brother Yasu Miura will take over ( how come that sounds like a cartoon pair of birds?).....soooooo....welcome!


New uniforms for 2009? This was on the site. Looks like there is a 40 year badge on the uni. The uniform looks the same but something is missing. I'll get to that in a minute.

The team announced Friday that no deal was done yet and NTV was super excited about the upcoming year and getting Verdy back to J1.

So in the 40th year of Verdy Yomiuri/NTV there is no sponsor on the jersey from either Yomiuri or NTV. Huh? Seem odd to you too?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More news and the season has begun

I'd be praying too if I had that lineup

Song of the day oddly fitting don't ya think?

Training started yesterday and all the boys were in full jog. I still think Iio should have to ride on the donkeys back.
Anyhow, the other tabloids picked up on the TOMAS story, including Yomiuri
Ramos has to have his say
Fan goes nuts over the possibility of the end of the Yomiuri era
TOMAS-no comment

You can find the other ones yourself

Monday, January 19, 2009

40 Years is Enough for one company?

More on that later.........Song of the day
First off.....Yoichi Doi is back after negotiating a lower salary. the 35 year old keeper played every minute for the squad in league play after coming over from FC Tokyo. In a bizarre personnel move, he was one of many cut before the penultimate game of the season. Average player last year.....should be good in J2. Welcome back
Sponichi Annex is reporting that Verdy is looking at picking up former Yokohama FC defender Kazuya Iwakura, a 23 year old defender who appeared in 23 games last seson for JFL side New Wave Kitakyushuu. Iwakura was let go after the termination of Takuya Takagi at Yokohama FC. Before that, he appeared in 16 games for the Fulie.
Now on to the BIG NEWS
Actually big rumor.........again Sponichi is repoting that Tomas and NTV/Yomiuri have worked a deal to take over controlling stake of the club. Article here
What I could Babelfish out of this article and summarize so you won't completely go to sleep
On the 18th, Tomas and I'm assuming NTV went into final stages of the company taking over 50% of the them a controlling stake in the club. They have a quote from President Hagiwara saying that they are in final stages and that NTV will have some stake in the club but not a major one (I'm guessing this is for broadcasting rights because they need to show something at 3 am ).
After a combination of high salaries and the demotion of the team to J2 in 2005, NTV-Verdy sustained losses of 1,200,000,000 yen. The speculation is that it would take 2,000,000,000 yen to keep the team going this year.
Sunny Side Up......the company connected with Hide Nakata and Masashi Oguro were the front runners for ownership but dropped out at the end of 2008. Tomas, a uniform sponsor since 2004 jumped in.
With the new owner, it looks like Technical Director Kato and President Hagiwara are out. Ramos might also step down after everything settles down. The new power player would be Yasutoshi Miura....the former Yomiuri FC/Verdy and Japan National Team defender and older brother of Kazu Miura.
Tomas has advertising stakes in other clubs, including Yokohama FC and FC Tokyo. NTV will still control 20%.
What is TOMAS
TOMAS is a corporation specializing in education. It's better known as a Juku or Cram School specifically focusing on placing students in universities, high schools, and prestigious private junior high, elementary schools and pre-schools.
the company was founded in 1985 in Tokyo as Tokyo Man-to-Man schools but changed it's name to TOMAS.
TOMAS currently has 5 different types of companies dealing with specific educational subjects, including an international division and an internet specific division.
I'm guessing that one or more of these school logos will be used on the jerseys each year.
TOMAS employs 214 full time instructors and employees and is worth 6.8 billion yen (according to their website as of March 2008). The chairman of TOMAS is Mitsugu Iwasa (pictured above).
Other fallout...........
It's not known what will happen to the land and affiliate clubs of Verdy. Sponichi is reprting that NTV Beleza could be renamed to something with a derivative of TOMAS.
What happens to the volleyball club and triathalon team is still a mystery.
Verdy will probably still play most of their games at Ajinomoto. However a map in Fridays edition of El Golazo showed that Verdy has a concentration of support from Tachikawa to Yomiuri land, consisting of 4 townships in Tokyo. I'm not completely sure if Nishigaoka is part of the 4 but looking at a refurbishment ala Omiya Koen might be something to pursue in the future. Verdy won't make money as the second tennant. TOMAS first needs to stabilize expenses and then look for other options.
I'm going to sleep now. I'll dig more tomorrow .

Sunday, January 18, 2009

more later

Doi might return and Verdy gets a new sponsor.......TOMAS?

More tonight!

The Press Conference

Yesterday was the big press conference to introduce the new guys and say nice things about the upcoming year.

Takagi talked about how great it was to be a part of the 40th anniversary team and how the number 1 priority is to get back to J1.

Let's build a new Verdy. No mention of a new slogan or new uniforms.....maybe that will be held on the Fan day on February 1st.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Going into camp

Song of the day

Wow......rough day yesterday. Reading team president Hagimura try to spin the huge payout for Diego by saying.......OHHH, the player wanted to go nearly made me throw up. Don't lie about it. He might have wanted to go but there was no way you weren't taking that money.

Anyhow.....the team looks like it's gonna be what it's gonna be


GK Takagi-Shibasaki-Suzuki

Takagi gets the job by default. The best thing for the team though is getting the kid in once in a while to see if he is a player. Shibasaki isn't much of an option but is a good backup.

LB Hattori-Nasukawa-Takizawa-Tomisawa

Budget boy gets a second chance at the spot after a huge pay cut. Nasukawa is the only long term challenge at the spot but I'm thinking the young guy only gets in if there is a crisis.

LCB Iida-Tomisawa-Fujita-Kawamura

I think Iida gets the nod initially because Tomisawa plays everywhere on defense and a team with no depth needs the flexibility on the bench.

RCB Tsuchiya- Tomisawa-Wada-Tsurumaki

Easiest position on the team to call. Put this in ink.

RB Fukuda-Tomisawa-Wada-Tsurumaki

The boy gets a 3rd chance to prove himself.

LM Iio- Kawano-Takizawa-Leonardo

Not sure about this position. Takagi may opt to move Iio up top. Too many options here and not enough differentiation.

LCM Sugawara-Kawamura-Tomisawa-Shinmura

Sugawara gets first crack at the space. Not much depth in the middle.

RCM Kawamura-Shibasaki-Tomisawa-Nagasato

Again I think Tomisawa gets the bench because he is more versatile than the new Jubilo man. Shibasaki could compete for the spot here as well

RM Leandro- Shibasaki-Nagasato-Tomidokoro

Yeah, I don't believe I'm putting him here either. He is the highest paid guy on the team though so he's gonna play until they can foist him on some Brazilian club. Everyone will get a shot here.

2nd FW Hiramoto-Leandro-Iio-Inoue-Leandro

Best of a weak bunch. If Hiramoto comes in with his head straight, he could have a big year.

Target FW- Oguro- Funakoshi-Hayashi

Best not to talk about this.

Big day for transactions

Song of the day Bye Daisuke

This is going to be quic

OUT: Kosuke Kijima to Fagiano Okayama
Sho Miyasaka
Nozomi Hiroyama Thespa Kusatsu
Daisuke Nasu Jubilo Iwata
Diego Kyoto Sanga (Knew it was coming but still gutting. Is it just me or is the new trend in the Kansai area to not scout your own foreign players.........instead wait for others to do it. Gamba was notorious for it and now Kyoto seems to do the same thing. Shimizu tries doing sloppy seconds as well but they aren't as good as these two. off the 29 predictions)

In: Kunihiko Takizawa Yokohama FC
Takahiro Kawamura Jubilo Iwata

Back: Toshihiro Hattori
Yuzo Funakoshi (2 out of 3, that's another one off my list)

The full squad is here

28 players for 51 games.........hmm.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


First things first.......guess that article about Togawa and Ichiyanagi coming back was way off!
The team announced that Togawa will stay at Yokohama FC after all on a full transfer.
Kind of a shock considering he only appeared in 9 games for FC but hey good luck!
Fan day is February 1st......should be a hoot. If anyone goes, take pictures and I'll put em up!
Training camp will be at Miyazaki for year number 3. The camp is only 9 days. I'm guessing it's a short one because the season is 51 games long! That and the fact that there are only about 20 players right now. Ugly!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Project 40

Song of the day

2009 marks the 40th of the team currently known as Tokyo Verdy and I need your help! I'm trying to gather a list of the 40 most influential figures in Verdy history. Send in nominees for the Verdy 40 and I will compile the list. Could be great players like Bismarck or Hashiratani or bad players like Dedimar or Kenichi Uemura. It matters not!

Just to let you know, Kazu, Rui Ramos and Hashiratani will be on the list so you don't have to nominate them. Eugene Killoran? Not so likely so you don't need to nominate guys like that either. They don't have to be players or coaches......they could be moneymen, announcers, GM''s the limit!

Send em in. Arigato!

Friday, January 09, 2009

A portent of things to come?

Well Sponichi is churning it out again. Seems the re-signing of Hattori is a done deal...they are saying it will be 10,000,000 yen base with incentive kickers to jump it up to 12,000,000.
The same article also said that Verdy will target former Yokohama FC midfielder Kunihiko Takimura and Jubilo midfielder Takahiro Kawamura. Takimura appeared in 39 games scoring 0 goals but putting up 7 assists. Kawamura notched 1 goal in 11 games.
Not so fast on Nasu!
Verdy TD Kato says no to a 1 year rental offer from Jubilo because Verdy only has him for 2 years. And one has the math. Verdy has told the good folks at Iwata to buy him or back off.
So the team is starting to take shape.
Finally say adios to Yugo Ichiyanagi who makes his loan to Sendai permanent. Fear not Chofu residents, your cars are safe!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cash money

We'll get to the gentleman above in a moment.
Big news out of Sports Hochi.......4 clubs are hot on the trail of Diego, including Kyoto, who is reported to have put up a record 470,000,000 yen bid for the services of the giant Brazilian playmaker. According to the paper, Diego and the club would like to stay together but if the money is getting into ridiculous numbers, it might be best for parties to take it.
Also according to the paper, it sounds as if Kyoto really want him. The numbers are gaudy but looking at the makeup and formation, it seems like a bad fit for Kyoto......what they might make up in goals, they'll lose in defensive coverage........and what happens with Sato who plays the exact same position as Diego? Sounds a little too much like fantasy football but if they are willing to shell it out, Verdy would be dumb not to take it.
Anyhow, I hope he stays but if he goes, he's not leaving the team in a bind and you can't really hate him for wanting to play top flight ball.
Who is the man in the picture?
I'll tell you.......he is new signing Genki Nagasato, a 23 year old central mid from Shonan Bellmare. Nagasato had a bit of a down year after playing in a majority of games 3 years in a row. Overall, the 178cm mid played 102 J League games for Shonan, scoring 9 goals. Nagasato was cut from Bellmare at the start of December after not getting his contract renewed.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Coming in/Staying/Maybe going

Song of the day

Kento Tsurumaki comes back from Mito after playing a whopping 8 minutes. Nice! He is young though so that's a plus.

Good news from the front office, Taira Inoue and Hiroki Kawano both got re-upped for 2009

If you are keeping track at home, the team looks like this so far

GK Takagi, Shibasaki, Suzuki
DF Fukuda, Iida, Nasukawa, Fujita, Wada
MF Leonardo, Tsurumaki, Tomidokoro, Shinmura, Shibasaki
FW Inoue, Hayashi

Finally, there has been more rumblings that Daisuke Nasu will move from the 16th worst defense in the 2008 J League to Jubilo Iwata in order to bolster the 15th worst defense in J1.

Awesome! Looks like it's going to be a loan deal so if Jubilo goes down in financial flames like Verdy and Yokohama seem to be doing, then he can be rented to yet another team on the verge of monetary armageddon! Good Luck Daisuke!!!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Just to let you know

Song of the day

Somebody on BS posted a blog site that has all the salaries of J1 players from 2008

Bit surprising actually
Hashiratani 44歳 3、500万
Hattori MF 35歳 5、000万
Tsuchiya DF 34歳 4、500万
Fukunishi(FC東京→) MF 32歳 4、000万
Kaimoto DF 31歳 3、000万
Hagimura DF 32歳 3、000万
Nasu(横浜M→) DF 26歳 2、500万
Takagi GK 29歳 2、500万
Ono MF 30歳 2、400万
Hiroyama MF 31歳  2、000万
Sugawara MF 32歳 1、500万
Doi(FC東京→) GK 35 歳 1、500万
Tomisawa DF 26歳 1、200万
Iio FW 26歳 800万
Funakoshi FW 31歳 720万
Yoshitake MF 27歳 700万
Fukuda DF 24歳 600万
Inoue FW 25歳 600万
Hiramoto(横浜FC→) FW 27歳 600万
Wada (横浜FC→) DF 27歳 500万
Shibasaki MF 24歳 480万
Shibasaki GK 26歳 480万
Kawano(プロデビュー) MF 18歳  360万
Miyahara DF 20歳 360万
El Samni FW 20歳 360万
Shinmura MF 20歳 360万
Iida(プロデビュー) DF 23歳 360万
Asuke(プロデビュー) DF 23歳 360万
Suzuki(プロデビュー) GK 23歳  360万
日本人選手総額 4億1、100万〈10位〉 日本人選手平均 1、467万8、571円〈10位〉(昨季資料なし) 平均年齢 27.04歳〈1位〉(昨季より+0.31歳)
Diego MF 22歳 5、000万
Leandro(サンパウロ〈ブラジル〉→) FW 28歳 5、000万
Francisimare(川崎→) MF 24歳 年俸資料なし(2、000万と推定)
Hulk(東京V→) FW 22歳 1、000万 *Kawasaki number
外国籍選手総額 1億2、000万 全選手総額 5億3、100万〈11位〉(昨季資料なし) 外国籍選手依

Are you serious, the 4th and 5th highest paid guys (Japanese) were Kaimoto and Hagimura?
And why would you cut Doi when he outplayed Takagi and made 1、000万 yen less? And if Hulk was only making that it's no wonder he blew up.

OK so a quick add up shows about 2億4,000万 cut from the payroll with no real boost.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Thank god......Actual news!

Song of the day

Well another one hass left the nest. One year wonder Takumi Wada leaves the club after the agreement between Shimizu and Verdy expires. This was the second year in a row that Wada started for a relegated team after manning the back for Yokohama FC in 2007.

The next stop for Wada.......JEF Chiba. Playing with fire aren't we?

Larry can go back to sleep now.

Oh Lord.......

Song of the day I played this one before but I think it's a good one!

Larry is back.....due to the overwhelming demand (and serious lack of news)

Here's some more

If Princess Diana were alive, she would absolutely be a Kyoto Purple Sanga fan. Think about it.

I'll let you in on a little secret, drinking an ice cold beer while watching Verdy makes the experience that much better. Take it to the bank.

I'm concerned that we might never know who killed Jon Benet Ramsey.

I think Verdy would get a little more pumped up if we played Kylie Minogues version of the Locomotion before each game

OK, I'll give you a hint, Purple equals royalty and since she was a princess she would like Kyoto.

DeBarge was vastly underrated.

Y'know who would make a good Verdy manager.........Ossie Ardilles.

Dilbert would make a great Verdy mascot.

Kumi Koda......Hubba hubba!

Sometimes at halftime, I like to take a small nap.

Steven Segal would also be good in the role of Rui Ramos. Just saying.

Don't ever break wind in a half empty stadium. Trust me on this one.

I still don't understand why Verdy wear red and blue half the time.

Why is being Rick Rolled such a bad thing?

OK that's all for Larry......he'll be back unless there's actual news or I just get bored with the whole dang thing.

Friday, January 02, 2009

No News is Good News.....

When it means World Famous Newsman and #1 International Verdy fan Larry King comes back after a loooooooooooong hiatus to speak on soccer and life.

Song of the day

Anyhow, Here's Larry!

Verdy had a rough season but they will bounce back.

Rui Ramos still looks like he could start for Verdy.

Mike Myers new comedy, "THE GURU" looks like a sure hit!

Relegation makes people sad.

Barack Obama will be the first African American President.........ever.

My favorite Verdy player of all time.........Rick.

There's a Japanese guy playing in Italy named Oguro, maybe Verdy should think about signing him.

The best team team in the J league comes down to wins, losses, and ties.

Why has there been no interest in a NASH BRIDGES movie? As my kids would say, Don Johnson is the bomb!

Speaking of movies, you know who would make a great Rui Ramos..........Heath Ledger. That kid is going places.

Akiko Wada is one handsome lady!

The best day to go fishing.........Tuesday.

The 3 players I'd pay to see play...........Kazu Miura, Kazu Miura, and Kazu Miura.

The league should make a special rule that allows him to score every game so we can see him dance.

How come there are no good mysteries based on a Safari adventure? Come to think of it pornography too!

I think that if Yuzo Funakoshi comes back, he should have to wear a hockey mask and carry Kazu Iio on his back like "Thunderdome"

Speaking of that......I saw Tina Turner the other day. As my kids would say, I'd tap that!

Final word.......Verdy won't win the J league championship unless they pick up that Oguro kid. They will however win the Nabisco Cup.

* The views expressed by Larry King do not reflect the views of Soilent Green, CNN, or Larry King. Any copying or reproduction without the express written consent of Larry King or Soilent Green would be downright shocking considering even I think this column sucks.

Vacation is over!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Shinnen Akimashite Omedetoo Gozaimasu!

Song of the day For the ladies of NTV Beleza.
This morning saw the only truly successful team in the whole Yomiuri/NTV family take on INAC in the ladies equivalent of the emperors cup. Needless to say, Beleza coasted to a 4-1 victory, completing the league-cup double and claiming their 5th cup crown in the past 6 years. It was a bittersweet day however as Shiho Onodera (bottom), Tomoe Kato (center), and Nao Shikata all took the field for the final time.
Here's hoping you find as much success off the field as you did on it.
29 predictions for 2009
Every year I make resolutions and every year I don't keep em so screw it. Here are my 29 predictions for 2009.
1. Funakoshi, Ono, and Hattori will all be on Verdy's opening day roster.
2. Diego will not.
3. Leandro will be on the roster but will be gone by July......nobody will miss him.
4. Martin Saito will find his way back onto a J2 roster and play his way into a regular spot.
5. Montedio will sign either Doi or Fukunishi.
6. They will be eliminated from J1 by October.
7. Consadole will be back in J1 in 2010. Verdy will not
8. Vegalta will be the first team to fire their manager. Toshiya Miura will replace him.
9. Cerezo will be promoted after they fire Levir Culpi at midseason.
10. Verdy will get off to a slow start and Sponichi will float numerous rumors that Takagi will be replaced by Rui Ramos. He won't.
11. The young guys will struggle at first but have breakthrough years, helping Verdy get promoted in 2011.
12. Kawano will be mentioned for National team duty. Oguro will not. His Verdy career will end at midseason
13. I will find a Mrs. Soilent Green.
14. I will also be out of tax hell.
15. Some idiot on Big soccer will post how awesome it's going to be for me to see Omiya play Verdy in J2 in 2010.
16. Their team will be relegated.
17. Sanfrecce will make no major upgrades thinking that they can compete. They will finish a respectable 8th. Hisato Sato will be top 3 in goals.
18. Tokushima Vortis will come in 17th.
19. Another big squad will find themselves in the same financial problems as Verdy and lose a major sponsor.
20. It won't be Yokohama.
21. SunnySide Up will be the new sponsor for Verdy. Sensing that the current team won't sell tickets, Nakata will unretire and suit up for Verdy. He will only last the season.
22. We will say goodbye to King Kazu, Gon, Fujita, and Okano in 2009.
23. Heath Ledger will win an Oscar for his role as the Joker.
24. Someone will throw a shoe at Verdy's president.
25. No fan boycott for Verdy.
26. Verdy will go with a striped kit ala Sporting
27. Kent Phillips will be hired by Mito Hollyhock fulltime.
28. Matsu won't protest anything this year.
29. All my readers will have the best year ever!
Happy New Year!