Saturday, April 26, 2008


Watched the game last night at ohhh 3am and saw what happened.

Verdy looked real chippy, taking Nagoya on at every turn. while in the first half it looked like Nagoya had the better of play, Verdy held their own. One sign that had me worried was a lack of skill on their short passing game. It seemed like the midfield was giving up way too many turnovers with lazy passes.

The second half saw Hattori float one in the box to Diego, who stumbled, causing the Nagoya defender to lose his footing and fall down. Diego recovered and put in a fairly tepid shot which Narazaki reacted far too late to and Verdy scored. Very soft goal. Diego then started crying for some unknown reason which kinda freaked me out.

The second goal was a thing of beauty. Wada boomed one from about the half line and sent it into the box for the pre-pubescent Kawano, who got past his man and headed a rocket past Narazaki. Great goal, excellent effort and nice cross. That kid is a pretty special player.

Oh, yes.......3 points at home for Verdy which puts them in 16th. Also it puts them in first in the Kappa standings with the loss by Consadole.

Next week is a Tuesday match away to Albirex Niigata. Hulk and Tomisawa will be back. Fukunishi will be out with card accumulation. He kinda gets on my nerves with his complaining. Between him and Hulk, Verdy should see alot of cards this year.

Friday, April 25, 2008

2 hours till agony or ecstasy.

I've looked at the lineup for today's match against Nagoya......I'm gonna go with agony.

Here is the Yahoo prediction.

Iio (goal machine that he is)

Leandro (Maybe Verdy can get Francisimare back?)

Diego (Eventually he will start to score.......what year is unknown)

Ono (Speed he's about as dangerous as a kitten)

Sugawara (He's still on the team?)

Fukunishi (This year's Nanami? Has not done much as of yet and he would be the bookend kitten to match Ono)

Wada ( doing? I dunno but defense isn't one of the things)

Tsuchiya (has he finally hit the wall? Is he marginal now in J1? )

Nasu (Actually solid in the middle.....remember Hagimura is waiting)

Hattori (Is he this year's......ummm....Hattori?)

Doi (Does anyone else think that maybe it would have been better for someone like Kashiwa to sign him as a good backup and let Sugeno come here...........he's adequate but not really that great. It seems like he would be a good starter for an up and coming J2 team instead of one on the cusp of falling down)

Oh yeah, you are also playing the hottest team in Japan at the moment. Super!

Guests From other teams

Welcome! I actually love having visitors from other teams come in and voice their opinions. 2 things though............1. Try to watch the language a bit. Not real pleased to read F#$$$$ or S### on the comments. I'm not against the blue language but it looks a little unclassy shall we say (And this site is nothing if not classy......LOVEDOLL ahoy!!!!!) 2. Try and keep the (what do the kids call it these days? ) aggro down to a minimum......when did I become "BIG VERDY SOCCER"? The banter and smack talk are fine but please keep the hate down to a respectable level........I guess this goes for everyone. Again Bienvenue and welcome!

Finally......Christmas comes early

Saw this little gem on Yahoo Auctions

For only 248,000 yen you too can soak up the aura and scent of the AOD himself, Takuya Yamada. Dress up like the Exotic Terminater and pretend you too are going to battle to defend Yomiuri Nippon Verdy Kawasaki Chofu 1969 FC against the likes of Yokohama and ummm, Yokohama.

If anybody buys this you must take a picture of yourself in the full attire and after I'm done laughing, I will post in on the site......and laugh some more!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

All over but the pouting

Days like this happen............after coming off a 5-0 pasting at the hands of Shimizu, Verdy ventured to Chiba to meet their nemesis, a lackluster Kashiwa Reysol side. And like in many games of the past, they got their taint force fed to them.

Didn't see the game, but I imagine after playing a defensive 4-5-1, letting in goals means there is a flaw with the team as a whole. Maybe it's a case of meeting a tough matchup on a bad day and getting snowballed by a confluence of bad events. Or maybe the team is built in the mold of squads like Yokohama FC and Vissel Kobe, a collection of old players past their seel by date and young guys not quite ready to turn the corner sprinkled in with marginal talent who really shouldn't be in the league. Or maybe the team just needs a catalyst who can spur them to greater things on any given Hulk.

Whatever the case may be, Coach Hashiratani and crew need to straighten things out and quick because the gap between J1 squads in 2009 and those that won't be got a touch bigger yesterday and players like Doi, Hattori, Fukunishi, Ono, Tsuchiya, and Hiroyama aren't getting any younger.

And like clockwork, the schedule does no favors for teams that need it the most as a surprisingly resurgent Nagoya Grampus comes into town on Saturday to add insult to injury. Hulk will be serving game 3 of his suspension so I assume the donkey will be front and center for this nasty little affair. Personally, I think the team needs to go 3-5-2 with a Diego/Hiramoto pairing up top or 3-6-1 with Hiramoto as the point of the spear.

My vision


Leandro Diego

Komano Fukunishi

Ono Hattori

Wada Nasu Tsuchiya


Against Nagoya, you need to load up the middle so they don't have room to operate......the layered 6 is going to clog things up and have people helping on the break. You also have Leandro and Diego filling the post so you can at least get a semblance of a counterattack. The pieces are slow but there's no helping that.

Tough day ahead next week. at least Albirex is coming up and a chance for some points.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Get the Vaseline

Cause Wednesday night was a major league reaming. To be fair though, it was a B team that trudged out against Shimizu S Pulse in the Nabisco Glorified Satellite Cup in Shizuoka. Seriously, any coach that puts out an A squad in this competition in qualifiers should be fired. I was ecstatic over the results against Yokohama by my Ardija because #1 It means more playing time for the kids in the last 3 games #2 Players like Nishimura, Morita, and Aratani showed themselves to be truly useless in their one big chance to impress and #3 Other squads who do qualify, like say ohhh, Jubilo are much more likely to wear down mentally after getting run out of the quarters.

Verdy should be happy with this result. Here's a quick question.....of Ventforet, Sanfrecce, and Omiya, which team did not qualify for the Nabisco Quarterfinals? Omiya. Which team barely survived relegation? Omiya. Coincidence, maybe......but when you aren't a deep team, every extra game hurts you a bit more and more.

Nabisco Cup gets you a trip to Hawaii.......that's it. Look at who won in the past. Kashiwa, FC Tokyo, JEF Chiba with Amar Osim. Not a real big list of killers there huh.

So great, you won Nabisco Cup. Whadda you want, A Cookie?

Next up is the nefarious yellow beasts from Kashiwa. The last time the teams faced in J1 competition, Verdy got sent to the lower depths. Should be a blast!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The bull sees red as Verdy gets the gas

Yesterday saw the first official Tokyo Derby since the relegation years and unfortunately Verdy dropped it 2-1 on an own goal from young midfielder Shibasaki. Didn't catch the game but someone who did was our very good friend Nick, who has the report!

well moving on to the Tokyo Derby... the first half an absolute snorefest. Somebody correct me if I am mistaken but neither goalkeeper made a save?? Boring! Boring Boring!! NOTHING doing from either side until Hulk won a free kick on the edge of the FC Tokyo box. Diego teed it up to make the angle and the boy Hulk curled it round the keeper for a 1-0 lead. Cue the crap rocking the baby celebration...dear oh dear, next guy who does it should be shot for sheer unoriginality. In the World Cup 15 years ago for Brazil, OK it was cool, now its just rubbish. Anyhow, on a score basis I was happy at half time and chuckled that I had been pissed off to not be able to make the game because of work. On to the second half, started as before though with increasing regularity, the play was getting further and further towards the Verdy goal, this is not to say that Doi was being tested in any way, just that the crap game was being contested nearer to our goal than theirs. Diego (after being played in brilliantly by Hulk)had a glorious chance to put us 2 up 10 mins or so after the break only to fire at the keeper from just inside the box.This was made 100 times worse when around the 60 minute mark FC Tokyo, lashed in a corker. Quick 1-2 outside the box and Hanyu (I think) hit it first time on the volley, Doi got his fingers to it but it wasn`t enough. An excellent strike and the marker for the last 30 minutes. We were at full stretch for the last third with little going forward. The other team in Tokyo were REALLY pressing but fortunately they struggled with the final ball big time. Their guy! hope he didn`t cost much on todays performance. Anyhow Verdy wouldn`t be Verdy without messing things up in injury time. To be fair they had battered us for the last 30 minutes since their goal and although its always a sickener to lose in injury time, it WAS on the cards. Own goal again im afraid... Even more annoying and made me want to puke was Hulks sending off!! Now we were very lucky last week with decisions but the opposite today, Hulk got his marching orders for THE most fussy yellows ever. The first a debatable foul ok,Ive seen them given, the second in the 93rd minute for jumping for a header!!If ANYONE can find an offence in Hulks second yellow card today, please write in.Is it an offence to jump within someones "personal space" now?? Sorry sir, yellow card, your armpits smell?? The Tokyo guy didnt go down, didnt feign injury, didn`t do anything, just carried on. Maybe the rocking the baby celebration was too much for the ref...We lost today but gave as good as we got. A draw would have been fair but since when have Verdy made things easy!!?? Its great being Green!!

I too hate the baby rocking.

A couple of other notes, looks like a Gashead has popped up on the Rising Sun News message board and there are unflattering pictures of Verdy up and away. Show your love!

Also, I don't understand why the good folks at the LoveDoll headquarters keep writing but they do. I think it's for prostitutes but I'm not sure. any of you brave souls wanna check it out and let me know, I would love for the LoveDolls to be my first site sponsor. maybe one of them could be Miss Soilent Green 2008. Just a thought!

Next up for team green is a Nabisco Cup match against somebody evil.....ahh yes, Shimizu away. After that is a quick jaunt to the always hated Kashiwa Reysol, where Diego and Yukio Tsuchiya get to meet up with their old friends and Verdy gets a shot at the squad who sent them to second tier hell. Good Times!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Chatroom fun Password: ruyramos

Gora from the Sanga blog has graciously set up this chat room for all gametime discussions. If you would like, please pop in and discuss Verdy and Hulk.

Also, Shintaro Kano reveals that another former Hulk club, Consadole Sapporo, was hot on the heels of the bombastic striker.

See ya in a few!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Vissel Kobe up next after another loss

The rags are all saying that we might see the Hulk system in action tomorrow against Kobe at HomeStadium.

Wednesday's game might have offered a clue as to what the team will look like for the foreseeable future.




Leandro Kawano

Tomisawa Fukunishi

Hattori Nasu Tsuchiya Wada


So Hulk, who managed to put up 13 shots in a reserve match against the kids yesterday in for Hiramoto. I'm actually wondering what will happen to Hiramoto now that Hulk is back. Last year he was finished before it started......would we possibly see another rental or will he be a 10 minute man?

Actually that brings up a good point...........who lost in this little acquisition?

Francisimare-Well, he's done already

Hiramoto- Similar style player and shows he and Hulk don't mesh well together.

Iio- Leandro gets his spot on the wing, fair or not. I'd say fair!

Chiba, Albirex, Consadole, Omiya, and others who were in a position to drop- Adding a big gum in the season hurts the lower level squads immensely. Without Hulk, it was pretty clear to see Verdy would struggle greatly......with him? Maybe still a struggle, but it won't be dull.

Also, if you get a chance, Nick posted another excellent review of the games. Check it out!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

HE'S BACK!!!!!

The squad announced today that in hopes of shoring up this campaign and surging ahead they have brought in Dedimar.............Ahhh, April Fools was yesterday

No, actually Hulk is officially back.

And Francisimare is no more.

Here are 9 reasons why Hulk will be a better fit in Verdyland

1. He is in his natural position as a spearhead for the offense

2. He will get plenty of chances to touch the ball

3. He is surrounded by complimentary players like Diego and Leandro

4. He's not competing against another primadonna

5. He has a good relationship with Hashiratani and his boss

6. He's a shot machine on ateam that doesn't shoot.

7. He knows the system and it's tailor made for him

8. Strong leaders who have been there before, unlike Frontale

9. He's in Green

Hulk back on the 6th?

Sponichi house of sports and porn (via Gora) is reporting that it is pretty much a done deal between Verdy and Kawasaki for Hulk. the rag is reporting that if all goes well, Hulk might be in the lineup against Vissel Kobe at Kobe. Ironically enough, that was Hulk's last game in the black and blue of Frontale. Look for more info Tomorrow, but for now it looks as if Hulk is coming back.