Friday, February 02, 2007

Does Verdy have a farm team?

I pose this question because 2 more of Verdy's youngsters are headed out to Fagiano Okayama. Forward Kohei Kiyama and Defender Kento Tsurumaki join fellow rental Takaki Shigemitsu in a quest to regain the Chugoku league title and possibly push the team into the JFL. Counting the recently departed Koji Maatsura, that would be 4 Verdy players who went south.......anybody else see a trend?
Just a formality
Hideki Nagai resigned with the club on the 31st.........surprising no one.
Don't tell me Verdy couldn't win J1!!!!!!!!!
Why don't you ask Urayasu FC........they got beat 2-0 in a training match on Wednesday.
Little over the top? Sure. The good news is that we got an inkling of what the first team will look like
Rui went with the expected duo of Hulk and Hiramoto up top
the midfield was a 2 and 2 with Sato and Hiroyama as the attackers and Nanami and Ze Luis in the defensive positions
The back 4 featured Nanami, Tomisawa, Tsuchiya, and Kaimoto with Takagi in goal
After 45 minutes it was a scoreless draw
The second round saw a complete change with a 4-3-2-1 formation. Yuzo "Tokyo Tower" Funakoshi was the lone point man with Tsuyoshi Yoshitake and Taira Inoue in behind. The midfield lined up a trainee by the name of Yamamoto, Tomo Sugawara, and Shin Kanazawa.
Finally the back 4 was a group that looked familiar for the most part.....Taisei Fujita, Shigenori Hagimura, Yugo Ichiyanagi, and Kensuke Fukuda and Shinya Yoshihara in goal.
In the 32nd minute, Verdy notched their first goal of the new campaign guessed it......YUZO "TOKYO TOWER" FUNAKOSHI.....ATTABOY!
The other goal was scored in a third 35 minute frame by the recently departed Kohei Kiyama.
Tomorrow is only a single game matchup against Gunma FC at 1pm. The University matchup was cancelled.

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