Saturday, January 13, 2007

The next to come?

Could this be the next signing for Verdy? Journeyman Yuzo Funakoshi is rumored to be signing up with Verdy for 2007. Funakoshi is the largest Japanese player in Japan, coming in at a whopping 194 cm and 88 kilos. The big forward saw little time with Albirex, appearing in only 4 games last year. His best years were in 2001, when he scored 9 goals in 27 games for then second division squad Oita Trinita.
He's not proficient and probably not fast but he does an element of size that is lacking on the squad. The only player on the squad with experience and height is Shigenori Hagimura at 183cm
although one of he high schoolers is a large kid.
It would be a depth move, and Funakoshi could be brought in late to help defend set plays and corners late in the game while pushing up on the other end.
For player #31, I say do it!
(EDIT...Verdyblog lays it out nicely in Japanese.....that's where I got alot of the info, but it has been floating around on other sites)

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Nick said...

He could also reach on top of high book shelves and hide things.....he has got D-O-N-K-E-Y written all over him. Wow! a Japanese Big Dunc`Ferguson !! Massive,doen`t play much and doesn`t score much either.Wonder if he has a lightning quick temper like the firey Scotsman!!