Thursday, January 18, 2007

Close a door and......

A Brazilian enters through a window? I know I botched the old saying, whatever. Well, just as soon as rumors of Marcus heading back to Kanagawa and fat J1 living comes the rumor that Verdy is now in heavy pursuit of 22 year old Kashiwa Reysol scoring machine Diego to fill the void that seems to be a certainty. Diego was a killer in the MF for the newly promoted Reysol, notching 21 goals and picking up 12 assists in 43 games.

(For more details on this, check out Verdyblog...they lay out this story rather's where I got the tip)

Two thoughts on this

1. Why are all these talented guys choosing to either go to J2 or stay in J2 rather than fight for a spot in J1? Besides Hiramoto, 5 other guys would have decent shots at starting on some of the lower end teams in J1 but chose to join up with Verdy. Is CyberAgent pumping alot of cash into this for a quick jump to J1? Are the CyberAgents going into big debt? Is Rui really that good of a salesman?

2. How sweet would it be for Verdy to stick it to Reysol by stealing their big gun?

Diego would be an upgrade over Marcus.......the offseason gets even better? Stay tuned!


Nick said...

My gosh if we get Diego, we will have an incredible line up for J2!! As you say,top,top pick of the bunch last season!! Very impressive figures and equally impressive on TV.If we get him,we`ll have struck gold there!!

Aaron said...

You're going up if you get him - he was the best player in J2 last season in my opinion. Where are Verdy getting the money from?

Aaron said...

I forgot to say Verdy next season will probably be better than many J1 teams. Only a Frank Zappa lookalike lunatic could mess it up....hang on...
Seriously Diego and Hulk - there's going to be a lot of goals next season.

Ultranippon said...

Wooow! I agree with you, Diego was the best player of Ishizaki's team and one of the best players of the last season and he is only 22.

If we can get him, Verdy we'll have the best squad of this J2 and better than many J1 teams :D.

Marcus is a good player but Diego is fantastic!

SMB said...

I'm worried that Rui is bringing in too many players again. Consistency is the key for this season.

Diego would be a coup........definetely fun to watch with the two guys up top!

Nick said...

we have brought a lot in but I think the calibre of player is a marked improvement on last years incomings. I am looking forward to a better showing this year.Talk of promotion is a long way off,we have 46 games to get through and with a couple of injuries to key men,we are knackered again. Looking good though.Moneywise as suggested somewhere before maybe the sponsors have dipped in as you can guarantee it won`t have come from season ticket sales!!
Looking forward to kick off!!

SMB said... doubt the talent is better but Rui had a Soviet Politburo approach to playing time.......His cronies got the lions share and then everything else was kind of ferreted out equally with lots of time shortages......he relaxed that near the end but it seemed like he had a policy of wholesale change after 1 loss.....I'm afraid that the guys up top will go into a mini drought and Rui will panic and pair up Sasquatch with superiio and we will have to sit through 90 minutes of dreck.