Friday, January 19, 2007

Marcus we hardly knew ya

It is official

Marcus has joined Yokohama F Marinos. I don't have enough details on whether or not it's a full transfer or a loan because I believe he signed with Verdy for this year.

Marcus appeared in 25 games for Verdy, racking up 5 goals and assisting on 4 more. Verdy in fact revamped their lineup and system to accomodate the longtime veteran of J League battles. It was a little strange to see him get released by Kawasaki last year after putting up a pretty decent work rate and it's even stranger now to see him getting swooped up back to J1 by a squad that seemingly has the money to get a higher priced, bigger name player. Now it will be interesting to see who is brought in on that third foreign spot.

Signs point to Diego

Kashiwa held a press conference saying that Diego is probably leaving Kashiwa. No word on if that means he's going back to Brazil or joining up with Verdy.

During the Verdy press conference, Ramos stated that he is in the middle of negotiations for the 3rd spot.

Look for news later in the week........I'm guessing right before the big FAN DAY.

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ultranippon said...

Good bye Marcus, hello Diego?? I would like to see him playing in the midfield of Verdy!

Marcus was a good signing, not only was is a technical midfielder but also he had a lot of experience and helped the youngs of the team.

Good luck for Marcus!