Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well, What the #$%@ do I know?

A couple of posts ago, I speculated that Shin Kanazawa would not be coming back to Tokyo Verdy

Today, the team extended the deal an extra year.

I have to say, the team is shaping up to be one of the early favorites going into 2007.

The opening lineup last year (Current players in BOLD)

GK Mizuhara

DF Fujita Yanagisawa Togawa Hagimura

MF Ono Kanazawa Nagai Ohashi

FW Hiramoto Basilio

Bench Takagi Sugawara Uemura Anailson Iio

And the possible one this year

GK Takagi or Yoshihara

DF Kaimoto Togawa Tsuchiya Fujita (Nanami if he signs soon)

MF Marcus Hattori Ze Luis Hiroyama

FW Hiramoto Hulk

Bench-GK, Sato, Kanazawa, Hagimura, Tomisawa, Saito, Sugawara, Ono

We all know I'm garbage at predictions but I think 4 minor players will be picked up over the next couple of days as well as Nanami. Yuzo Fukanoshi, a backup for Albirex Niigata has been bandied about the blogosphere as being a possible depth signing. Maybe a young 4th keeper and a couple of guys to shore up the defense and midfield and I think the team is complete.

Quite an incredible offseason so far!

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