Sunday, January 07, 2007

Takuya Yamada to Adelaide? Again?

Sports Hochi has the story, saying that ET (EXOTIC TERMINATER) is only a week away from finalizing his deal with Adelaide United. It seems that Yamada had offers from other J League squads but wanted the challenge of participating in the ACL and Kawasaki and Urawa sure weren't going to sign him.

It seemed the deal was dead with the impending signing of Miami FC (USL 1) attacking mid Diego Walsh but now it seems they are tagging the captain for next seasons campaign.

Also mentioned in the article was Yamada's desire to play overseas and his near signing with MLS.

I'm not sure if this is new news or if somebody at Hochi read blogs from 2 weeks ago and got around to filing this. I will troll the Australia boards and see what I can dig up!

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