Monday, January 15, 2007

2 more join the squad

In a bit of a surprise acquisition, Tsuyoshi Yoshitake was announced as the newest member of Tokyo Verdy 1969. Yoshitake was a decent contributor to Yokohama FC, appearing in the midfield 26 times for the phoenix. Yoshitake is small and young, coming in at 25 years of age and 174cm/66 kilos

The 6 year veteran had his biggest run in 2002, appearing in 41 games and notching 2 goals. The additions of Jun Tamano and Shingo Nejime made Yoshitake expendable. No mention of a rental so it looks he is straightaway Verdy.


I wrote a story yesterday on Yuzo Funakoshi being pursued by the club. Well, it's official

So I'm thinking BIG BIRD would be a good moniker for the fella. Cause Verdys moniker is
a bird and he's really big.......too lame? Ehh, maybe we should have a contest.

My new favorite Verdy player!


Don't worry, he's not activating himself and resigning Kazu for next season. Next week, he plays on a team of past and present stars from around Japan to take on a team of Shimizu stars in Nihondaira next week. Also appearing in the game will be Toshihiro Hattori and Hiroshi Nanami as well as recently retired former Verdy man Teruo Iwamoto. I'll look to see if there are more players with Verdy connections involved in the game.


Ultranippon said...

If Funakoshi is like Maki I don't like so much this type of player but if Fujita and Kaimoto send him decent passes to be headed he can scores some goals.

SMB said...

He's not gonna get much time so I don't mind bringing him in......he's good for a spot start and late duty once in awhile if he makes the bench. He's a depth move so I don't hate it at all.

Actually I have to say I've been happy with almost every move Verdy has made this season.

Ultranippon said...

Umm and what about Yoshitake? how is this player?