Saturday, January 27, 2007

FAN DAY!!!!!!!!!

Well today was fan day for Verdy and......I didn't make it. I got sick (a cold). Instead, I sat around the computer waiting for anything interesting to occur.
Well, the speculation is over......Diego Souza is now a member of Tokyo Verdy.
Probably a rental, but I'm not quite sure yet. With the addition of the big Brazilian midfielder, Verdy is one of the 5 best offensive squads in the J League. Forgive my hyperbole, but this team has the talent on paper to be a very competitive squad in J1.
The key is to remember that they are in J2, and they need to play to their potential and not down to the competition. HUGE signing for Verdy.
The soilent green 11
Hiramoto Hulk
Hattori Ono
Ze Luis
Nanami Kaimoto
Tsuchiya Togawa
Bench: Yoshihara, Fujita, Kanazawa, Hiroyama, Saito
Training matches set for next week
Verdy has 3 training matches set up for the upcoming week. On Wednesday, the squad plays against Urayasu FC. Saturday sees a midday double header as the boys take on Gunma FC and Teikyo University in some split squad action. After that, it's off to Miyazaki on the 8th for 9 days of work.
The Season slogan
Was unveiled but as of yet, I haven't found it. I'll get it soon!
More tonight!


Ultranippon said...

I'm happy for signing Diego! I don't think you made a hyperbole! Verdy's attack is powerful! more than a lot of teams in J1 and the defense are also good! In J1 this squad would be a 4th or 5th place.

J2 is a difficult and very large league so I think it won't be easy, but the return to J1 will be possible if the team plays with intensity every match, how it was the final of the Champions League.

Get well soon my friend!

SMB said...

Thanks Buddy!

I think they look mid table J1 on paper and I think they might do some damage in Emperors cup

Nick said...

I think we are getting a bit caught up in the excitement!! Call me a party pooper but I think though they have a GREAT chance in J2, J1 is a different kettle of fish.I think its a big step up and Im sure the boys from Purple Sanga and Avispa would agree.The Kyoto boys hammered everyone two years ago and couldn`t do anything in J1.Ive got big hopes for this season but would hope for a big squad improvement should we finish in the promotion places or play offs. If for example,I had a choice between Washington of two years ago or Hulk,I`d go for Washington.Scoring in J2 is different to J1. Serie B is different to Serie A,Premier League is tougher than the Championship,fizzy pop,first division whatever the hell its called these days!! Lets get through this season first and see where we are at the end.

Ultranippon said...

You are right Nick, first of all Verdy shall return to J1 and if the team don't fight it won't be easy...

In J1 I think this team would make a decent paper, of course there are the example of Kyoto who went up to J1 with a 90 points or something similar :S but there is another example called Ventforet, a team who work hardly every match and made a good season without having a very good team (only the striker Bare, and he left them for moving to Gamba).

But I repeat... the return to J1 will be difficult if the team don't work hard!

SMB said...

You stop it Nick.....they should get an automatic place in the UEFA champions league and an automatic bid into the finals of the World Club Championships

No your right.......they look really good on paper and I think they stack up well.....on paper against squads like JEF Chiba and Yokohama F Marinos......they haven't played a game yet and there are some flaky characters on the squad....not least of which starts at the top. Chemistry is key!