Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Damn you RSN

just realized I copied a title from Ken at Rising Sun News

Sorry......wasn't intentional

Strange Days

Here s the lineup for tonights game

As you can see I did not go. Okane ja nai yo!!!!!!

The lineup



So the two swans of the apocolypse are back in the lineup

And Tomisawa has already got yellow

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wins are like wives

Sometimes the ugliest ones are the best.

On a cold and rainy August night, the two Tokyos took the field for yet another Tokyo derby. Early on it looked as if FCT would claim another victory when Cabore hit a 30 yard rocket shot to put the gasmen up 1-0. The first half was dominated by the red and blue, who should have been up by more if not for the fact that they had the finshing prowess of epileptic monkeys.

Really there were no dangerous chances until Hashiratani went to the bench and dredged up Leandro who instantly paid dividends with a pass to the streaking Oguro, who stumbled bumbled and rumbled in with his first goal in green. After what seemed like 25 yellows on Verdy ( I got one in the 83rd minute for looking at my cellphone too much) the momentum switched colors to green. Finally on the last play of the game, Diego knocked a rocket shot off the chest of the FC Tokyo keeper and out of bounds setting up the penultimate corner. A swooping kick to the waiting Daisuke Nasu gave the win to Verdy in an eerie turn from the last match. So now here comes 1st place Urawa at the same venue.

Fukunishi picked up his 4th.......again so he will sit..........2 games at least.

Leandro gets my man of the match. Why Hiramoto sat was beyond me but it worked so no complaints.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Live from Tokyo, It's Soilent Green!

I have bought tix for both the Tokyo derby tomorrow and the Urawa match on Wednesday.

If you want to meet, I'll be in the cheap seats tomorrow and the 1969 seats against the Reds.

See ya there!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He's Back

The Donkey has returned. 1-1 tie versus Vegalta

Crushed like a grape

This is late so I won't rehash the details surrounding last weekends debacle.

4-1 against Kashima.

It's becomng abundantly clear that Verdy can throttle bad teams and have the capability to stink against good squads.

Harutaka Ono is again out with a hernia. Somehow I am not too sad.

Chivas tied Galaxy 2-2. Beckham looked very ordinary.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Maybe I will stay on VACATION.

So what the hell got into Kaz Iio anyhow? 2 goals and 1 assist? Kazuki Hiramoto, I expect this from on occasion but KAZ IIO? No Oguro for some odd reason as well.

I also have to question the "Veteran Wisdom" of Mr. Fukunishi. He is quietly having a good season but picking up a second yellow in a 4-0 game is really, really dumb. this means Ono probably will see some time against a rested Ogasawara and a pissed off Kashima Antlers, who dropped a bad one against JEF Chiba. Also Wada will be out so that means the reentry of Tomisawa, which means a verrrrrrrrry slow lineup on the wings.

There is also the worst kept secret around the league......without Marcio Richardes, Albirex is a really, really poor squad. On the road they do even worse so putting those two variables together. So, just like in the JEF game, Verdy went for the jugular.....which is a good trait for a squad hovering in the bottom half.

Sattelites get their revenge on Omiya

Hirayama notched the only goal of the game in leading Verdy to a 1-0 victory at NACK 5. Something about orange set them off this week.

MLS Day for Soilent Green......

I will be attending the MLS version of a Derby when Goldenballs and the rest of the LA Galaxy face off against Club Deportivo Chivas del Estados Unidos or Chivas USA in the Superclassico. This is year 4 of the derby, which has been relatively a one-sided affair in favor of the Galaxy. Chivas USA was an offshoot of the wildly popular and all Mexican squad Chivas de Guadalajara, which has a (mostly) strict policy of fielding only Mexican players. If Chivas USA sounds familiar, it might be becuase former Verdy players Takashi Hirano and Takuya Yamada both had small tryouts with the club a few years back. LA goes into this game without the services of Dutch icon and total egomaniac Ruud Gullit,who "resigned" after watching the squad flounder to a 7 game winless streak. Tokyo played LA in a friendly in 2000 and won 2-0.....IIRC.

Ironically, the next game I might see might be the Tokyo Classico at Kokuritsu on the 23rd. Or I might sleep.

For the record, I will be supporting Chivas in this game.

Soilent Green goes back online around the 20th. Unless they beat Kashima by 5 goals and then I'm changing this to a V Varen Nagasaki page because obviously it was me holding this team back.