Friday, January 19, 2007

Takaya Kurokawa cut by Shimizu

Unbelievable. Just two years ago he was a keeper for the Japanese U-23 team in the Athens Olympics and now he's out of a job. Kurokawa saw no time for Verdy last year (in my opinion a mistake........HIROKI MIZUHARA????) so it's hard to judge the performance of the keeper last year. Near the end of the season, Kurokawa was sent to Chiba on loan as a backup but his deal wasn't renewed. With the crush at the keeper position in Shizuoka, Kurokawa found himself to be the odd man out and looking for a new job.

At only 25, Kurokawa still has the pedigree and potential to be a decent contributor to a squad if he gets the chance. Here's hoping he does.

Press conference today

There's a press conference today for the new players and (I think) the unveiling of the new uniforms.

Here's hoping they don't look like this!

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