Monday, December 01, 2008


So the braintrust at Verdy Incorporated went and cut 7 players in the past 2 days. Strange timing to cut your Captain, your starting keeper, and your starting central midfielder one week before your biggest game. Anyhow the message is clear......the team is old and reall isn't good and if they are destined to suck, they are gonna do it younger and cheaper.

Here Here!!!! Arguably the shocker of the day is the severing of Doi, who has manned the nets in all 33 games for Verdy. Decent season after last years stinker
The only under 30 player who got cut. Asuke got hurt and lapped by Shibasaki and Kawano. Good year to get cut because 3 new job sites are opening up in J2 and Tokushima cut 15 today so there are opportunities aplenty.

The league leader in yellow cards is rumored to be headed south to Cerezo Osaka. Good luck with that.

The captain of the Ramos era gets cut after another injury plagued year. Has Yokohama FC written all over him.

Captain number two takes a pink slip after a pretty sub-par year. Back to Jubilo for a victor lap and a gold watch?

Scored the goal that got Verdy into J1 but hasn't managed to score any to keep them in J1. Adios Donkey!

I saw him play one or two good games a couple of years ago......I think.
According to a story in Hochi Yomiuri, Verdy is cutting over half it's payroll because of low attendance and the bad economy. All guys who are on one year contracts and hover around the above 30 range have been notified that their services are no longer needed. The one name that has popped up that isn't on the official list is Nozomi Hiroyama. The Hochi article also has stated that 10 players have been notified about their upcoming vacations. I'm gonna say Leandro and Hagimura are the other two.
In other news, Jun Tamano and Takuya Yamada both got their walking papers.

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Anonymous said...

Well whilst I agree with ALL of the cuts (Doi has been OK though) I can`t belive the timing!! Surely after the last game would have made more sense?? Doi, Hattori and Fukunishi are all likely to be involved so why not wait?? Seems a bit of a shot in the foot to me. Then again if Verdy haven`t offered enough brown envelopes stuffed with cash under the appropriate tables then it doesn`t matter.It seems as if they have already accepted their fate of another year (at least..)downstairs. Still lets see what happens on Saturday...