Saturday, December 20, 2008

The next big thing?

Song of the day (If Verdy ever finds it's way back to greatness)

Verdy went down south to Osaka Nagai 2 stadium to take on youth powerhouse Sanfrecce Hiroshima in the quarterfinals of the Sahara cup. After being down 2-0, Verdy youth put 3 in, including a brace by Yu Tomidokoro, the young fella pictured up at the top. The win guaranteed Verdy youth their best finish since making the semis in 2005. The final 4 pits Tokyo J1 and J2 versus Osaka J1 and J2 ironically enough. Perennial hosts Cerezo take on last years title holder FC Tokyo while Verdy battle Gamba, a 6-1 winner over Kashima.

The game marks the second time in 2 games that Tomidokoro has netted the winning goal to help VY advance. My question is this, WHY ISN'T HE SIGNED FOR NEXT YEAR?

Better do it soon before someone beats you to the punch.


can be found on a site that actually gives a rats *** about the 8 teams left in the competition, cause I sure as hell don't.


This actually is a correction. Vendo graciously pointed out that my money figure was wrong on the fine. It's 1,500,000 not 150,000. I wouldn't complain if someone gave me either. I would complain if someone tried to take it from me. ( *COUGH* Koshigaya City Hall *COUGH*)

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Anonymous said...

If you move to another city from the one you are in now, it takes them another year to catch up so, if you keep moving EVERY year you never have to pay any city tax. Verdy schmerdy lets wait for the fixture list. Me and the tribe are officially going to Sapporo for the away day,after such a fantastic time two seasons ago!! Hopefully its not at Atsubetsu or in the week....Any J2 fans looking at this, Sapporo Dome is FANTASTIC and the Sapporo Beer Factory is well recomended.BBQ lamb as far as the human eye can see and Sapporo Black,Lager and Hokkaido Classic on tap.If youre a ramen or "so fresh it`s still moving" fish fan get stuck in!! Your team win, they lose (mine lost)...?? doesn`t matter, great place to lose!! If you`re gonna make one BIG away day, I would fully recomend it!!