Monday, December 08, 2008

Verdy is NOT GONE!

Those were the tearful words of a manager who had just seen his team fall to J2. A former National teamer and a member of the legendary Verdy Kawasaki teams at the dawn of the J League, Tetsuji Hashiratani has always been a good general in the Verdy army.

And like a good soldier, he took responsibility for the failures of his aging core of players, his best friend who was the architect of the fiasco, and a collection of corporate backers who couldn't really give a rat's ass anymore whether or not the team lives or dies.

Tetsuji Hashiratani is gone, and he probably shouldn't be. He resigned.

Verdy however is not.

Song of the day Going On by Gnarls Barkley


NipponBasse said...

Life in J2 isn't that bad anyway, so im sure you'll have alot of fun there as well. Atleast u will win matches. I don't really see Verdy go straight up though with the current squad atleast, but a few smart reinforcements might do the trick. Unless Jubilo gets relegated, I don't really see anyone that stands out in J2 next year. Perhaps Cerezo, but that I've said every year. The 3 newcomers will make it interesting though, and Im already looking forward to next season. It's gonna be a blast.

UltraVerdy said...

Hashiratani, loyal Verdy!
Great words by our Cerezo friend ;-): J2 is not the Hell... even if we are truly disapointed...
Just have to bounce back !
VERDY forever, and ever !!!

Ultranippon said...

Hashiratani is a great man and a legend but I think Verdy need another DT.

¡Vamos Verdy!

Vendo Thefastlane said...

I was hoping for some fresh blood with JEF but Tokyo always brings an interesting game, and an interesting to say the least... Plus it's hard to see Verdy having a worse run in 2009 than the first leg last year, but still able to pull off promotion.

Just make sure the home games against Mito are at National Stadium, please!