Friday, December 26, 2008

Coming and possibly going?

Song of the day

So I screwed up again. Anyhow Leaonardo has indeed returned from Sagan Tosu and will be one of the 3 foreign players for 2009.

Quick facts

Leonardo is a 22 year old forward/midfielder who stands about 175cm tall and weighs 74kg.
He is a product of the elite Aomori Yamada HS program as well as Japanese Soccer College. 2 years ago Verdy promptly signed him and loaned him to Sagan Tosu where he notched 9 goals in 54 games.

Nasu possibly to Jubilo

Sponichi took a small break from saying everybody under the sun is going to JEF Chiba (Obviously doesn't have anything to do with your sponsorship deal, does it?) to announce that Jubilo Iwata is in pursuit of central defender Daisuke Nasu, who currently is on a 2 year deal with the club. If Nasu does transfer, Jubilo would probably have to cough up a decent fee for his services. Jubilo is in hot pursuit of a centerback after telling their collection of centerbacks that they aren't so hot.

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