Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Sooooooooooooooo fast there, Chief!

Song of the Day.......because sometimes they do come back

So Sponichi dropped this little bomb on us this morning......

Ramos and Hattori are trying to work a deal so the 35 year old left back can rejoin the team and help them go up to J1 again.

According to the article, it looks like he needs to shave a bunch off of his 50,000,000 yen contract from last campaign. And according to (the ALWAYS RELIABLE) Sponichi, he's willing to do this. Ramos is worried that the only true left back signed to the team is Nasukawa, who is coming straight from college.


Like it? Check out the links......I added a few that I was too lazy to include before, including Tricolore Pride (Marinos), Forza Gifu, and the newly relaunched Shrimp with Yokohama FC, as well as a brand new Gamba site called Since 1991.

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Nick said...

Was the deal along the lines of "I`m coming back unless you give me 50,000,000 yen"...sorry mate, no can do,we`re now skint I`m afraid....."right then I`m signing!!!!

ps Like the new colours!! and if only we could get a time machine and the fat bloke at the top of the home page to sign instead...

Steve said...

Yeah.....I think he saw the market for 35 year old defenders with no pace and declining skills was smaller than anticipated.

I'd actually rather they throw the lad to the wolves first and see if he's up to J2 snuff before burying him behind a guy with no upside but Ramos has a mancrush on all things 90s so next year old guy it is.

too bad tubby liked the cocaine cause someone wanted to bring him in. I'm actually hoping Silva comes back. He was a good J2 player and I think he'd be better than old Leandro.