Sunday, December 07, 2008

Idle Speculation

So a couple things before we move on to J2 Part Deux

Verdy supporters bunkered in for 7 hours waiting for the team president to come (He didn't but a GM did) classy way to rea your fans after dumping on em a week before. Maybe that's why you lose so much money, you don't have a clue what your doing and you still think Verdy are the Kyojin of soccer (It's Urawa BTW).

Nick makes a good argument that Verdy got relegated before the game

Well we are done then...bad calls agreed in the final game but on another day we could have been 4 down by the time the penalty was given. We lost a bad decision by the referee in the final game but over the course of the season we very simply haven`t been good enough in all departments. If you are in the bottom two after a 34 game season then its because you are the 17th best team in the league. Not a good number whichever way you look at it.I don`t take yesterdays game as the final nail as I would say it was pretty much a foregone conclusion before we kicked off. We were down before today, we went down when 1-0 up against Urawa and conceded in the last minute, we were down when we couldn`t put Sapporo away even after all and sundry had given them a beating to send them down early. We were down when JEF were on their own terrible run and we couldn`t put them away. We were down when Diego was suspended for the most important part of the season (and more importantly we had NO-ONE to replace him). We were down when Leandro was being played continually even though he was AWFUL and keeping Kawano out. The whole Hulk mess...I can`t even be arsed.....Still guys, let`s not be all down hearted, we are about to go on a 3 month unbeaten run!! Also, by the looks of things there are gonna be some AWFUL teams in J2 next year, let`s see if we can finish above them!! A sad weekend but hey, there is still next season and I for one refuse to be downhearted!! We will be back, maybe not next year or within a few years, (unless there is some shedload of cash that some unwitting Russian billionaire wants to throw away). The sponsors are withdrawing according to the papers, the stormclouds are gathering but we can all rest safe in the knowledge that we aren`t and never will be as fundamentally dull as FC Tokyo!! The ONE highlight of the season was pissing in FC Tokyo`s chips at Kokuritsu...deafening silence at the end. Fantastic!!Onwards and (temporarily hopefully) downwards the Boys March On!!

Good points. After the FCT win Verdy was a respecable 9-3-9 but won only once in 13 games, losing 8 times.

Finally Naoya Saeki got released by Omiya.......who cares, right? Well without having any real evidence, I'm gonna speculate that he will be in a Verdy uniform next year. Relationships are a big deal and he has connections with both Iio (Avispa) and Tsuchiya (Omiya, Kobe) as well as a pedigree in Verdy's youth system. There are no strong candidates to play c-mid alongside Sugawara (who also played with Saeki in Kobe) so I'm guessing he will be an affordable selection. And he's 30 so he's not ancient......yet.


Anonymous said...

Im hoping (and Im sure every other Green is too)that we go with youth next year. We`ve had quite enough of trying to squeeze the dregs out of old guys this season, we tried it, it didn`t work. (Doi was decent generally though and will look like Gordon Banks in his prime once Goalkeeper Fantastico gets back between the sticks next year!!).
Another massive plus for 2009 is that FUNAKOSHI IS GONE!! All we need now is an unknown "temper-a-mental" (I`ll copywrite that one) Brazillian to take his place, bang in 50 odd goals for us in 2009 and we`ll be away!!

Anonymous said...

If nothing else Ive listened to some crackin music today. Big fan of The Beat me, from my part of the world too. Im gonna and buy another pair of Dockers right now!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Goalkeeper Fantastico,guess who is advertising hats and scarfs this winter on the Verdy website?? Please check the Verdino webstore for his chiwawa inspired t-shi(t) design...the mind boggles, first pink, then chiwawa themed. Questions are being asked in places where only Larry Grayson, John Inman, Boy George, Noel Coward, Jimmy Summerville, the two blokes off EastEnders ages ago and my mates "less than manly" cat could possibly answer!!

Leeds&Verdy=WhatDidIDoInAnotherLife??? said...

Gutted :(