Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Soilent Greens Winning 11!

Song of the night http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=EOepheinkCM&feature=related

Well......end of the year so I figured I would pick my Soilent Green 11, made up of guys who weren't in the big J league 11 but had good years.

Formation 3-5-2

GK Koji Ezumi-Omiya Ardija

You put this guy on a team like Kawasaki and they win the championship. He had a great season considering the fact that most of the year he was behind Leandro and 3 backup caliber players. I give him comeback player of the year as well considering there were big questions about him being a J1 player in 2007.

DF Masato Morishige-Oita Trinita

How the best defender on the best defense in the J League slips through the cracks is beyond me. Great all year long.

DF Yuta Nagatomo- FC Tokyo

Another miss because of the reps of the guys in front of them. Nagatomo was a revelation this year for a team that has historically struggled. Nagatomo was dangerous on the flanks with a nice set up for the dangerous Cabore and Akamine.

DF Shohei Abe-Nagoya Grampus

Quietly did a consistent job all season. Doesn't have the gaudy stats on offense but defensively was there game in and out.

MF- Mu Kanazaki-Oita Trinita

Another one that slipped through the cracks. Kanazaki made Oita and the league forget about Umesaki.

MF- Sidiclei-Kyoto Sanga

Lock down defense and a push on offense helped Kyoto survive. The guy is ageless and looked better than the past couple years at Gamba.

MF- Diego- Verdy

Came through when the team easily could have fallen apart and really was the only offensive option. If he's still around for the last 4, Jubilo would have found themselves in J2.

MF- Masaki Fukai-JEF Chiba

Everybody points to the job Alex Miller did to save Chiba but I gotta say it was Fukai that made the difference in JEF survival. No Fukai, no J1.

MF- Minoru Suganuma-Kashiwa Reysol

10 goals on an economical 51 shots. Great season and he could get better if he gets his stamina up.

FW- Gilsnho-Jubilo Iwata

Dirty player......I hate him. He's good.

FW- Shinji Okazaki-Shimizu S Pulse

Came on a bit late but really led the offense, especially with the injury to Jungo Fujimoto. Looks to have a big jump next year.

Soilent Tot- Nagatomo
Soilent star-Okazaki

Soilent Manager-Pericles Chamusca Oita

The sad 11

GK Yuya Sato-Consadole Sapporo
DF-Yasuhiro Hato-Omiya Ardija
DF-Makoto Tanaka-Jubilo Iwata
DF-Toshihiro Hattori-Verdy
DF-Hiroyuki Nishijima-Consadole Sapporo
MF-Davi-Albirex Niigata
MF- Yuichi Komano-Jubilo Iwata
MF-Takehito Shigehara-Kashiwa Reysol
MF- Lopes-Yokohama F Marinos
FW-Genki Nakayama-Consadole Sapporo

Sad sprout- Sato
Sad sack of Soilent shhhhhhh.....Shigehara
The Joseph Hazelwood memorial award for leadership-Josip Kuze-JEF

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