Monday, December 15, 2008

Yes Virginia, there is a Verdy manager

Takuya Takagi says yes.......our long National Nightmare is finally over.

The question now is what kind of team will he field?

The starting 11 if the season starts today

BOLD means likely not to be here
Italics mean help!


MF Iio Shibasaki

MF Sugawara Tomisawa

DF Nasu Iida Tsuchiya Fukuda

GK Takagi

BENCH: GK Shimizu, FW Hiramoto, FW Inoue, MF Kawano, MF Shinmura


Oh well, got a new head bout a song!

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Anonymous said...

Man I forgot how much I hate that song.....I just saw the title and turned it right back off!!
The line up is of course dependant on who comes in to replace Diego and Oguro. Im pretty sure none of the big boys`d buy Oguro, he`s done nothing since his return. Whoever buys him will be taking a gamble on form that he showed 2-3 years ago now. He didn`t do much in Italy and again did nothing for us.Diego, a given to be gone by March unfortunately. A good 2 seasons effort, thanks very much to the big man.
Takagi back....Tomisawa....doesn`t exactly fill you with hope does it?? Well let`s wait and see who turns up, though I can`t see any players of REAL quality coming anywhere near. We have hope to pick up an unknown quantity and hope they start their career with a bang in Green!!