Monday, December 22, 2008

GDI!!!!!! Closest thing to Christmas music you are gettin out of me this year.

Allright so today at work we had no classes, school is winding down so I sat down and wrote 12 handwritten pages on the season so far including the turmoil at the end of the season figuring I could throw it up tomorrow. I get home, look at my e-mail (nothing from my lady friend who I managed to piss off by cancelling something the day before after I had pretty much worked 3 months to set up. I got happens. )

Anyhow I then go to all the assorted sites to see if Verdy have cut anyone else or if Ajinosta is stained with the blood of NTV execs yet.

Then I go to to see the next 30 players Sanga are rumored to sign and lo and behold Dokool has his 3rd and final installment of Verdy in turmoil or whatever Foxnewsish title he has going on right now. I swear the little bastard is a closet Verdy fan. Anyhow, I read it.

And it's really good

Somethin weird is happenin with their site so I can't give you the link right now but I will.

Good read.

Oh yeah BTW 396 pissed off suporters met with el Presidente yesterday. Should've been a blast.


dokool said...

Gora chose the title, not me =P If it was Fox News it would come with a video intro featuring 50 explosions and a couple American Flags. Hell, maybe it's the flags that explode.

For me it's all about the fact that Verdy's fans are getting dicked over in the worst possible way and you don't deserve it. So I'd basically have tried to write this article about any team in J.League, except of course the Reds. If this shit was happening to Urawa fans I would be sitting back and laughing with everyone but DR Jones.

Anonymous said...

A good read agreed...but the bit about Verdy fans drifting over to FC Tokyo`s "stability and success" what "success" would that be then:)!!?? Changing sides just doesn`t happen in football unless you are an elementary school kid.They would be more likely to form their own team, a la Yokohama FC. AFC Wimbledon or FC Manchester.
I said all along the boy was more interested in the Green 3/4 of Tokyo!!

dokool said...


I've found serious discussion of whether Verdy's situation could have a positive effect on FC Tokyo's attendance on forums for both teams' supporters, so it's not altogether unreasonable to consider.

Do you really think they would form another team? That would mean *four* Tokyo teams if you include the recently-promoted-to-JFL Zelvia Machida. I just don't see there being enough support in the city to make it a viable option.

Anonymous said...

I can`t see ANYONE in the TokyoHearts or Verdista changing sides, THEY would be more likely to try and organise something else only in the event of Verdy going out of business. Im pretty sure they wouldn`t do anything while Verdy are still alive, but should the team fold for whatever reason, I`d think they`d try to set something up as opposed to going in with FC Tokyo or whoever else.
You have to remember it`s not like we haven`t been in J2 before. The attendances went down even lower last time for sure, but Im pretty sure FC Tokyo`s didn`t go up accordingly.There was plenty of in-fighting last time around, flags flying upside down,after game protests, fists flying amongst Verdy fans (after a drubbing by Mito). It`s all part and parcel of the Green Monster. A good start to the next campaign and this will all go away...on the other hand if we get off to a bad `un this will run and run.
When people talk of a "crisis" I just can`t see it. They have always been like this. People who talk of a crisis have their heads stuck in 1994/95. Anyone else sees it as not that unusual.

SMB said...

1. I think it's just angry talk right now. I'm sure some of the "softer" demographic would head over to FCT but I doubt Verdista/Hearts guys would do that. You could point to Kawasaki Hearts joining Frontale but the head to heads were relatively few in comparison. Also you are assuming that all these guys come from Chofu and they don't. Some might come from Kawasaki or Saitama or Chiba. Some might decide to go follow their former favorite Verdy player.

2. Yokogawa Musashino is JFL and based in Tokyo. If the boycott went down and Verdy supporters decided to form their own club there would still be 4. Verdy would cease to exist. The J league has been battling Verdy since it's birth and would like nothing more than to pull the plug. This could do it.

dokool said...

I agree with both of you in that I don't think Tokyo Hearts or the Verdistas would switch sides either, but I can see a lot more local families thinking "hmm, I want to take my kids to a game, would I rather show them the home team losing in a 9/10ths empty stadium or take them to a packed house with 30k+ screaming fans?"

Which, granted, happens whenever a team gets demoted to J2 unless it's Sendai or what have you, but at this point given Verdy's vicarious financial state they can't afford the drop. The hardcore fans will go to the games no matter what and fly their upside-down flags and protest and whatnot, but for a club to be financially viable you have to pull in the casual fans as well, and that's where Verdy is in trouble.

Since you guys are familiar with Verdy's down days, have the supporter groups ever urged a season ticket boycott? It seems unprecedented as I can find no record of such a thing but maybe you know better.