Wednesday, December 03, 2008

One guy who ain't happy

Coach Hashiratani.

He did ask a poignant question........Why shake up the team now before the most important game of the season? Really, he was asking why screw me out of my career after I bled green?

He's done a decent job with a team that was aging and not good and he deserved the chance to go into the game without the fo doing subterfuge.

What's he gonna do if they end up in the playoff against a Cerezo squad who made an offer to you think he's gonna go 100% for a team dropping him when he knows the team across the field wants him and could potentially give him another gig in J1?

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NipponBasse said...

u're right, if it ends up being Cerezo-Verdy in the playoff it will be a strange situation.

Personally I don't see why we should buy a player like Fukunishi. That is if we get promoted. He WAS a great player, but he's not the same now, and I don't really think he's any better than, say, Germano. In J2 he might be a scoop though.