Thursday, December 25, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham


Nikkan Sports is reporting Verdy, NTV, and Hide Nakata group SunnySideUp is taking a break in negotiations for 2008. President Hagiwara stated (I think) that he wants a partner in place by March. So NTV might be out before the season starts.......or after......maybe.
2 In, 3 to go?
Well, my question was answered 2 of Verdy's magical mystical young guns were signed to play with the big boys. MF/FW Yu Tomidokoro and DF Takuya Wada were signed to fill in some of the blanks left by the mass purge early this month. Both were key parts of the VYouth push to 3rd place in Sahara Cup play.
One of the possible 3 new additions has been pontificated by Weekly Soccer Magazine (Who has nothing else to do now that the season is over..........Last 0 doesn't make a good headline.)
Good News, Nick!
Yoshinari Takagi has reupped for another season as Verdy keeper extraordinaire. Takagi comes in for his 10th season as a Verdy player. Only Kazuki Hiramoto has a longer tenure with the club, however Yoshinari has the longest consecutive tenure. Just to let you know.
Hiroki Kawano gets a trip to Qatar!!!! Yeehaw! Kawano gets picked for the U-20 squad headed to Qatar from January 6th to the 21st.
Merry Christmas and go Kashiwa!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

It`s always fun with old Bigtree, he absolutely keeps you on the edge of your seat even with the most simple backpass...will he balls it up completely?? will he hoof it into row Z, or will he lob it over the opposing keeper into an empty net??!! Verdy jusn`t isn`t the same without The Pink. Look out for the reformation of the Yoshinari Seats at Ajinomoto next year..a truly bizarre marketing idea if ever there was one!! Now if we can just find The Cat`s phone number...