Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is the last song I will ever sing........

though Verdy might change their minds again........

OK so the Classico sucked big time. Bad performance by almost everyone concerned and where was the defense on the first goal? Where was Hattori period?

1 game to go. Here is the dirt

13. Omiya- 40 pts -10 away Jubilo

OUT Leandro. the good news is Verdy is tied on goal differential with Omiya so a 3 way tie between Omiya, Jubilo, and Verdy would send Omiya into the pro/rel playoff.

14. Albirex 39 pts -15 home Gamba

OUT Chiba. Gamba looks pretty disinterested at the moment but Albirex is struggling. A win and a tie for Albirex will put Verdy into safety

15. Jubilo 37 pts -7 home Omiya

OUT Hatano. The most likely scenario for survival would be a loss by Jubilo combined with a tie. However Jubilo has a fairly good record against Omiya.

16. VERDY 37pts -10 home Kawasaki

OUT Diego. Looks bleak. But anything can happen. They need to attack alot. Kawasaki has trouble against teams that attack. If Verdy bunkers, the will lose.

17. JEF Chiba 35pts -19 home FC Tokyo

OUT Bosnar. Right now JEF is desperatel hoping to sneak into the 16th spot. First it starts with a FC Tokyo squad as hot as anyone right now and looking for a spot in the ACL. This is the one time Verdy fans will root for the other Tokyo team.


Sho Asuke and Koijiro Kaimoto are the first Verdy players shown the door. Adios Muchachos


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