Friday, December 26, 2008

Ohhhhhh, you meant 5 new players?????

Song of the day Yesterday truly is over

Well Sponichi, absolutely bereft of all JEF Chiba rumors, has reported that Verdy will fill the 5 spots with guys currently under contract.
Which means we could see these three back.
Yugo Ichiyanagi had a disappointing stint with Vegalta Sendai, appearing in only 16 games and thouroughly making an ass of himself in pre-season by getting drunk and destroying someone's compact car. Bienvenue!!!!
Kenta Togawa had an even less effective season, appearing in 9 games as a center back for Satoshi Tsunami at Yokohama FC. At least he didn't destroy any vehicles........THAT WE KNOW OF!!!!!!
Finally, Kohei Kiyama is a 20 year old FW who came out of the Verdy youth system. Kiyama spent the last 2 years at Fagiano Okayama. Kiyama helped the squad achieve promotion to J2, notching 18 goals to end as second highest scorer on Fagiano and 4th overall in the JFL. the young striker turns 21 next year so plenty of upside with this kid.
I think Verdy needs midfielders......badly!

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Nick said...

Well hardly inspiring is it...we know exactly what to expect with Togawa, nothing spectacular,steady at a J2 level with the ocasional clanger. I quite liked what I saw with Ichiyanagi and was a little surprised they loaned him instead of giving him a crack at the higher level. Last year was a bit of a nothing year for him,let`s hope he can get back to the level which saw him regularly get into the U-21 squad. In certain Japanese modes of thought smashing a car up just shows he has "youthful spirit" , let`s hope he can channel his "spirit" into smashing up some J2 strikers next season (not literally obviously...). See how we go with Leonardo, I know nothing about him so will give the benefit of the doubt till proven otherwise. If he is only 22 then he still has a chance to develop unlike Leandro last year who was crap as the finished article.
Thinking about new faces coming in, I wonder with the Yen being so ridiculously strong, if the league will see a higher class of import in general?? The yen has gained/lost depending how you look at it about 40 percent against UK sterling in the last 12 months so Micheal Owen to JEF Utd wouldn`t seem ABSOLUTELY ludicrous this year..just ludicrous. This won`t effect Verdy I imagine as Im pretty sure we haven`t got a pot to piss in, but could be exciting for the J1 boys.