Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Big thanks!

December 20th marked 3 years of Verdy bloggery here at Soilent Green and I'd like to thank you all for being here through the good and bad!

Gracias mi Amigos!!!!!!!

Best song EVER!!!!!! http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=QJHnRtZkiHo

Oh? Not so much?

PART 1 of Soilent Greens year end wrap can be found here

I figured a godawful piece of long-winded self indulgent blather deserved a site of it's own...............and since GunsNRoses.com was already taken, I went with this.


Sports Hochi is reporting that Takagi has requested 5 more players for the mammoth 51 game campaign coming up next season. Takagi wants at least 25 field players for 2009.

As it is now here is a list of the guys currently signed up

Italics denote possible transfers

GK Takagi/Shibasaki/Suzuki

DF Fukuda/Nasukawa/Iida/Nasu/Tsuchiya/Tomisawa/Miyasaka/Tsurumaki

MF Kawano/Shibasaki/Sugawara/Shinmura/Fujita/Diego

FW Iio/Hiramoto/El Samni/Inoue/Oguro/Leandro/Hayashi

If the team keeps all 21 then 5 sounds about right but I'm not sure if they are done cutting or if they will wait until they sign a few first. Selling Diego right now would probably cause Verdista to set a couple fire bombs at Mr. Hagiwara's palatial estate.

Leanardo goes back to Brazil

He's the dude that Verdy signed and loaned to Sagan for 2 years.........Yeah, I didn't think about him either. Uhh, good luck?


Anonymous said...

51 league games....good grief!! I know the monetary reasons behind it but thats a heck of a lot. Still, no boring June and non existent September like J1. We can fill our boots EVERY weekend from March to December. Life is on the up!! Let`s stay down!!

Ultranippon said...

Thank you for making this blog! For the Verdy supporters who don't live in Japan or don't understand Japanese is very useful this blog.

Merry Christmas! I wish you a happy new year!

Lets hope next year we can do a great season and return to J1 :)

UltraVerdy said...

Merry Christmas & Happy new year to my green friends!
Verdy, always, forever.