Monday, April 30, 2007

WA-Rui says the magic word


Sponichi and Nikkan Sports are both reporting that Rui Ramos might step down if the team loses on Thursday to Mito.

Sports Hochi

Words popped up such as KUBI (Dismissal or Beheading) and YAMERU (Resign). Other interesting factoids. Vegalta Sendai are the only team since Sanfrecce in 2003 and Kyoto in 2005 to start a season with an 11 game unbeaten streak (Both were promoted). More ominous was the factoid that no team has ever lost 5 games in a row and been promoted.......Verdy is at 6.


Tasui posts the highlights for the Tosu affair here.......Fukuda makes a nice save but Verdy fails to clear.......Togawa looks out of his depth and Nagai sends a nice feed in to Kanazawa who steals a goal from Hulk.

Satellites provide a clue to the next game?

Verdy played a game today against Toyo University, winning 2-0 on unlikely goals from Seitaro Tomisawa and Shigenori Hagimura.

Up front, the Verdy squad went with a rotation starting with Yuzo Funakoshi being paired with Hiramoto. Yoshitake, Hiroyama, Inoue, and Iio all took turns playing up top.

In the middle, a lineup of Hiroyama and Sonoda played the wing positions, with Sato and Ono taking the middle.

Finally, the back 4 featured Fujita, Tomisawa, Hagimura, and Ichiyanagi

My speculation is this

FW Hiramoto Funakoshi

MF Kanazawa Yoshitake

Hattori Ze Luis

DF Fujita Hagimura Tsuchiya Fukuda

GK Yoshihara

BENCH: Takagi, Ichiyanagi, Nagai, Tomisawa, Inoue

If he's gonna go out....go out swinging

This is what I'd do

FW Hiramoto Funakoshi

MF Kanazawa Hiroyama

Ono Ze Luis

DF Hattori Ichiyanagi Tsuchiya Fukuda

GK Yoshihara

BENCH Shibasaki, Inoue, Sato, Shibasaki, Fujita

Fast them to death.

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Vendo Thefastlane said...

I do think it is quite a bit of a cop out to suggest resignation if losing against the least-scoring team in the league (as opposed to tying, which seems quite likely to me). He once said offhand after last year's piddling finish that if he didn't win in the first game (against Kusatsu, in another daring claim) he would resign, but a week later chaneged it to that he would shave his head if the team didn't enter J1 for 2008.

I haven't followed Ramos so much but he just seems to be so untrustworthy and shaky, both personally and professionally. I will say that his Japanese language level is fairly atrocious for someone living here so long and who has attained citizenship, if nothing else... Does anyone actually have a good opinion of him, or can name any good points he may have to offer this business after his active play career?