Friday, April 27, 2007

Thespa VS Cerezo! And another game

YOUR THESPA KUSATSU comes home after a thrilling 1-0 victory over the gutsy Ehime FC squad. They face a surging Cerezo Osaka in another thrilling match which will feature guts and heart......YEAH THESPA!

The other game

A freefalling Verdy side ventures south to face the only team arguably more disappointing than them in the current campaign. Sagan Tosu has put on a putrid display, neither being proficient on offense or competent on defense. After allowing a more than respectabe 49 goals in 48 games last year, Tosu has already given up 23 in 10. Three times this season, the squad has given up 5 goals to opponents. Theoretically, Verdy and the weapons they possess should have a field day against Tosu.........Unfortunately, we've seen the difference between being excellent on paper and being excellent on the pitch. Tosu enters this game without their big Brazilian offseason acquisition, Anderson, who is suspended because of yellow card accumulation.

Tosu showed signs of life with a hearty 1-1 tie against a slowly evolving Kyoto squad. Verdy meanwhile has many questions surrounding them after a 5 game streak in which they haven't had a lead or shown competence in the back line. A distressing sign for the squad is the injury to MF anchor Hiroshi Nanami, who left after 14 minutes of play. Speculation is that Harutaka Ono will slot into Nanami's spot and play his more natural role as a central midfielder.

Potential Verdy lineup

GK Takagi

DF Fukuda Tsuchiya Ichiyanagi Hattori

MF ZE Luis Ono

Diego Kanazawa

FW Hulk Hiramoto

Bench: Yoshihara, Inoue, Nagai, Sugawara, Fujita

How to beat Tosu

This squad is tailor made to help Verdy break the slump. They have a porous defense that allows oppositions to get off a lot of shots. If Verdy can get an early lead and keep the pressure on, they could theoretically get 7 in this game. IF THEY WANT IT. On the other hand, if Tosu gets the upper hand early, it could downhill fast. Verdy must pressure and get bodies up. Hattori and Fukuda must improve their distribution and clearing. Hulk must recreate the magic of early season. And Diego has to contribute SOMETHING. Anyhting less than 3 points will show that this squad has given up and they might as well blow up the team and start over because there is something fundamentally flawed in their makeup.

Go THESPA-until the Hairdo is shown the door.

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