Monday, April 23, 2007

Statement Game: Consadole Sapporo vs Verdy

A day after getting a vote of confidence from the braintrust at Verdy Inc., Ramos led his charges into one of the most important matches of the season. A win would put Verdy back into the thick of things in J2. A loss could potentially drop the squad into the netherworld of Thespa, Ehime, and Tokushima.

A statement game. After the first 20 minutes the statement was loud and clear.............WE QUIT. 16 minutes after kickoff, a series of putrid backpasses, poor clearances, and awful goalkeeping led to 3 goals for Consadole. The only thing keeping Verdy in the game was spirited play and good offense from two previously forgotten players in Shin Kanazawa and Youzo Funakoshi. The two fresh recruits combined on the first goal to give Verdy a spark of life.

The second half saw a renewed Verdy attack fight back to grab a tie on a PK by Hulk and the second goal of the day for Kanazawa. Tied up only to see Consadole strike against a porous Verdy defense harkening back to last year. 4-3 and now Verdy sits in 7th.


The most losses in a row last year for a far less talented squad? 4. The most goals allowed in a game? 4.

The good news for Verdy is that the easier part of the schedule is coming up. Granted,no game is easy but facing 4 of the top teams in the league back to back (3 of 4 on the road) is a rough call that will be alleiviated with upcoming games against the bottom three teams in the league. Anyhting short of 7 points might get Ramos fired.

It was amazing how badly the "character" guys played in this match. Tomisawa is always bound to stink up a match but the breakdowns by Tsuchiya and Hattori were incredible. Hattori especially was indefensible.

Speed on the wings, power up top......3 goals, 14 shots. Somehow, I think there is no way Diego gets moved out of his position on the matter how ineffective he is.

I'm guessing Fukuda is probably going to be the scapegoat for yesterday and we will see Kaimoto in his place. Because I'm sure Hattori and Nanami are untouchable as well. I fear Hagimura is coming soon.

Hiramoto made his first appearance which was good. What I didn't understand is the removal of the only effective offensive weapon on the day at a goal down. Why take out Kanazawa when Diego is offering nothing? Again.

The Rui deathwatch is in full effect

The clock is ticking

Better News

The satelittes had a game against Shobi University and were victorious 5-2.

Hiroyama, Inoue, Iio, and Yoshitake (2) all notched goals.

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