Wednesday, April 04, 2007

El Golazo's winning 11 for March

El Golazo has their 11 best in the month of March

Best Coach-Toshiya Miura SG Comments-Never thought I'd say this about Miura but I agree, he's done a great job of getting apreviously offensive squad to buy into a defensive mindset.

System 4-4-2

FW Hulk (VERDY 6.7) I don't think anybody in their right mind would disagree with this selection. 2 more games and he ties the Verdy and J2 record for consecutive goals scored.

FW Genki Nakayama (Consadole Sapporo 6.0) It's a little difficult justifying an offensive player for a team scoring 1 goal a game. Better than the 2 Kyoto strikers or someone from Avispa or Vegalta or even big Fukunishi? Really?

MF Adiel (Shonan Bellmare 6.33), Jonilson (Vegalta Sendai 6.08), Tadahiro Akiba (Thespa Kusatsu 6.38), Ryan Yong Gi (Vegalta Sendai 6.58) All these players are good ones, and it's hard to argue against any of them but I think Lopes deserves some consideration in this.

DF Alex (Avispa Fukuoka 6.1), Yukio Tsuchiya (VERDY 6.5), Yushi Soda (Consadole Sapporo 6.17), Toshihiro Hattori (VERDY 6.3)- Leonardo of Montedio gets a bit of a raw deal here because in Avispas system Alex is more of a MF than a DF

GK Junnsuke Schneider (Vegalta Sendai 6.08) This one kind of bothers me, I think Takahiro Takagi's 5 consecutive shutouts are far more impressive than the performances of Schneider. Heck, Schneider might even be behind the other Takagi as well.

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