Saturday, April 07, 2007

Avispa VS Verdy- The test was NEGATIVE

I won't post the lineups again, you can see them above

Verdy entered today with a wonderful chance to distance themselves from an early season favorite who has struggled to get their gameplan together. Rui Ramos decided to change things up by taking out the gigantic talisman, Yuzo Funakoshi. Funakoshi was coming off his worst performance of the season against Leonardo and a Montedio side who used force and muscle to counteract the physicality of Verdy's attack.

Instead, Ramos went with a very small and quick option in former Avispa man Kazunori Iio. On a certain level, it made sense. Avispa is very vulnerable on the wings and theoretically, Iio would be the best person to know how to exploit the weaknesses of a team he trained and fought with for a good amount of time.

Boy, was that a stupid mistake. Unfortunatly by doing this, Avispa was allowed to put their big centerback Shinya Kawashima predominately on Hulk. Without the enormous presence of the 195cm striker, Avispa could focus on the one big presence up front. The new, more frail offense was barely able to put up a fight against the Avispa side, losing the battle in the midfield as well as managing an anemic 5 shots on the whole game. Avispa meanwhile was able to tee up 14 shots. Corner kicks were even more lopsided as Avispa earned 11 of the precious spot kicks to a mere 2 for Verdy. In fact, Avispa had control of the ball for about 60 percent of the game.

Scoring started early in this as Kyohei Yamagata struck gold in the 11th minute of play. Fortunes seemed to be turning in Verdy's favor though when former Sydney FC man Alvin Ceccoli continued his string of misfortune by misplaying a clear into his own net.

Verdy withstood the barrage of Avispa shots until the final minute of play, when Seitaro Tomisawa was whistled for a yellow and Alex was awarded a penalty kick. Not much of a chance for verdy as the great Karmic PK wheel rolled in favor of Verdy opposition today. 2-1 Avispa and very now finds itself in danger of slipping away from a Vegalta side focused on advancement.

Much speculation was done in this column, if anybody has an eyewitness version, please write in and tell us what happened.

Quick Hits

If you've been reading this blog regularly, you already know my feelings about Kazunori Iio. I don't want to harp on him again......obviously, the brain trust sees something in him that I don't. And, I'm not sure if Funakoshi was injured today or just pulled because they were disappointed with his play in the past game. I'm not going to speculate.

What I will criticize is the system that allows the opposing defense to body up on Hulk with no repurcussion from the other striker. If you really want to put Iio in, put him on the wing and move Diego up top or better yet have him come off the bench after pummeling the opposition with two big Brazilians. Start Ono again on the wing if you want a two way player. Give Nagai the start, or GOD FORBID give a look to Hiroyama or Saito who both are more physical and better at ball control than Iio.

Not only did Ramos take an option off the table by putting in Iio, he neutralized the effectiveness of Taira Inoue, who provides a completely different look to Funakoshi off the bench but plays the exact same style as Iio.

I understand wanting to shake things up. Verdy has regressed this season from a high of 5 goals in game 1 to 3,2,2,1 and a fortunate own goal 1 performance today. And judging by the stats, it looks like everybody got manhandled today.

Still, I doubt that I'm the only one who looked at the lineup and saw a slightly built striker with dubious finishing skills and porous control and thought, F@#$, It's gonna be a long day.

The machine was built with one wheel....the only place it could've gone was downhill.

Youtube clips will be posted when I can dredge them up!


Nick said...

Saw the game ,agreements and disagreements.We weren`t creamed by any stretch of the imagination,Avispa had two periods of extreme pressure one in which they scored and one in which they didn`t but for the most part it was an even game.Their first goal was a CRACKER nobodys fault, just an excellent peice of skill (you`ll see when you get the highlights) our goal was dumb luck (and the Aussie defender trying to chest the ball back to his keeper from the 6 yard box...duuuh!!) to be fair to the bloke, he tried his damndest to make up for it, can obviously hit a pass and is full of running.They had more shots than us but the problem with stats is that they are just STATS they don`t show the true nature of the game.A draw would have been fair at the end of the day, however Tomisawa popped up with some kind of penalty offence in the 93rd minute on a fast breakaway that the TV cameras couldnt keep up with(the tv replay was entirely inconclusive...) however the other defenders and Takagi didn`t protest for a second, so unfortunately I can only pressume the ref was on the mark.Up stepped Alex to beat Takagi (though only just...) and the points went South. Takagi still dumbfounds me!! On one hand he made a SUPERB one handed save that looked a certain goal and on the other he punched a waiste height cross straight to an oncoming forward to have a clean strike on goal! He is consistently inconsistent.Not our day today boys,but next week is ours!!GREEN!GREEN!GREEN!GREEN!!

ps my agreement is that Iio isn`t up to much,he had one early crack on goal and after that was anonymous at least Funakoshi is anonymous then scores!! At the moment we have one route to goal (Hulk) if he`s knackered, so are we!!

Ultranippon said...

What a shit... Avispa is a good team but I though Verdy could win, neverthless the green players weren't so good.

Don't you think Diego could play instead of Iio¿ Diego isn't a FW but he has a lot of goal, maybe in the MF could play Hiroyama or Ono.

Vamos Verdy!! Next game we should win!

I missed Hiramoto, when will be he with the squad¿

PS. when I saw Iio playing against Avispa I had a bad feeling about the game, I don't understand Ramos xD

PS.2 I have one question, when I watched the match in the Internet (jsgoal) I read a lot of messages against Verdy, this really shocked me! Is Verdy a hated club¿ O_O!

SMB said...

Thanks for the input Nick.....gave you the feature again.

Ultra.....Verdy is hated, probably because they tried to bill themselves as Japan's team early in their existence. It seems like people were kind of bothered by them throwing a ton of money around to get players this year.

I'm starting to think that they should put Diego up top with Hulk.......when he played for Kashiwa, he was in Marcus old spot in the diamond formation.....he was able to power his way in for goals. right now, they have him in a speed position which isn't his game. Ono is the same way, I'm starting to believe.

I think they went for talent instead of guys who could fit the formation that they want to play. On paper it looked great but the wings are suffering right now.

Sato is a natural wing so he looks good in that position.