Sunday, April 01, 2007

J2-Around the Horn!!!!!!

Here are some brief reports for the 5 games I did not see.

Saturday- Consadole VS Cerezo- Consadole's Caue scored one late in this game as Sapporo stretched their cleansheet streak to 5 full games. Satoshi Tsunami's men managed to get 11 corner kicks out of this affair but could not seem to crack the defense of Toshiya Miura and friends. 1-0 Consadole

SpaceMaruMaru has an in depth report in both Japanese and English here:

(This is a great site dedicated to Consadole as well....I'll give you a link to it later!)

Thespa VS Shonan- Looking at the scoreline, you could have taken a nap, talked on your keitai, gone to the snack bar, shopped for souveniers, and read a book for the first 89 minutes of the contest and you wouldn't have missed much. Minute 90 however was a cracker as Thepsa struck not once but twice to score the upset over the hapless Bellmare. Mr. Thespa, Nobuhito Toriizuka had the deciding goal. FW Ryoji Ujihara put the exclamation point in moments later.

Sunday Games-Tokushima VS Mito- Not really sure what happened in this was a 0-0 deadlock. Maybe our friend Vendo will have more details later.

Ehime VS Vegalta- I always seem to call one predicted score right on the button and today this was it. Ehime was crushed into Mikan Juice by Vegalta 4-0. Hiroki Bandai chipped in two and Ryan Yong Gi had 2 assists as Vegalta made a statement after a disappointing 1-1 tie. Yuki Nakashima and Lopes also contributed with a goal and an assist. Vegalta held their thin lead over Verdy with the win. 4-0

Game of the DAY- Kyoto VS Avispa- A closely contested battle which went down to the final minute. After Paulinho and Avispa's Seiji Koga each notched goals in the second half. The game looked like it would end in a one all tie but Kyoto's other big Brazilian striker Andre hit in the 44th minute of the second half to seal the deal. 2-1 Kyoto and a sigh of relief for Sanga fans everywhere.

I'll have the report of Verdy's 1-0 win tonight or tomorrow.

So here are the standings

Vegalta 6 games 4-2-0 14 pts +8 GD
VERDY 5 games 4-1-0 13 pts +10 GD
Consadole 6 games 4-1-1 13 pts +4 GD
Kyoto 6 games 2-3-1 9 pts +2 GD
Thespa 6 games 2-3-1 9 pts +1 GD
Avispa 5 games 2-1-2 7 pts +6 GD
Shonan 6 games 1-3-2 6 pts -2 GD
Tokushima 6 games 1-3-2 6 pts -3 GD
Montedio 5 games 1-2-2 5 pts -1 GD
Ehime 6 games 1-2-3 5 pts -6 GD
Sagan 5 games 1-1-3 4 pts -6 GD
Cerezo 5 games 1-0-4 3 pts -5 GD
Mito 5 games 0-2-3 2 pts -6 GD

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Vendo Thefastlane said...

Nothing to say here. I'm sure you were more interested in the concurrently broadcast Verdy game, as would anyone not a fan of Mito or Tokushima. Just a solid yet slow game where Mito did a good job of containing, played a bit rough, and didn't take enough chances. That was all.