Saturday, April 07, 2007

CORRECTION:Nick's eyewitness account

Our man Nick checks in with a report from the game and rightfully puts Soilent Green in its place!

Saw the game ,agreements and disagreements.We weren`t creamed by any stretch of the imagination,Avispa had two periods of extreme pressure one in which they scored and one in which they didn`t but for the most part it was an even game.Their first goal was a CRACKER nobodys fault, just an excellent peice of skill (you`ll see when you get the highlights) our goal was dumb luck (and the Aussie defender trying to chest the ball back to his keeper from the 6 yard box...duuuh!!) to be fair to the bloke, he tried his damndest to make up for it, can obviously hit a pass and is full of running.They had more shots than us but the problem with stats is that they are just STATS they don`t show the true nature of the game.A draw would have been fair at the end of the day, however Tomisawa popped up with some kind of penalty offence in the 93rd minute on a fast breakaway that the TV cameras couldnt keep up with(the tv replay was entirely inconclusive...) however the other defenders and Takagi didn`t protest for a second, so unfortunately I can only pressume the ref was on the mark.Up stepped Alex to beat Takagi (though only just...) and the points went South. Takagi still dumbfounds me!! On one hand he made a SUPERB one handed save that looked a certain goal and on the other he punched a waiste height cross straight to an oncoming forward to have a clean strike on goal! He is consistently inconsistent.Not our day today boys,but next week is ours!!GREEN!GREEN!GREEN!GREEN!!ps my agreement is that Iio isn`t up to much,he had one early crack on goal and after that was anonymous at least Funakoshi is anonymous then scores!! At the moment we have one route to goal (Hulk) if he`s knackered, so are we!!

Good point on the stats.......I also missed it on the PK.....READ HERE

the peno came off a foul by Tomisawa on Alex,it was a deep cross from the left,ball comes across Alex runs through the centre,cross beats everyone but Alex is lieing on the floor in a heap when the camera cuts usual on Japanese "replays" you don`t see the controversial offside/peno/across theline or not decision.The foul for the PK isnt on the highlights reel...

As always, I encourage different points of view and CORRECTIONS so send em in. Thanks again Nick for setting me straight on the game!

Tsunami's squad gets out of their funk against Sagan

Cerezo blog posted rumors earlier about Tsunami possibly being on the chopping block if Cerezo didn't get a result against Sagan Tosu yesterday. It seems the team took the rumor to heart as they overwhelmed the little southern squad. Goals were scored by Ze Carlos, Noriyuki Sakemoto, and Tatsuya Furuhashi to post a convincing 3-0 win. Verdy rental Leonardo got run with two consecutive yellows 17 minutes after being subbed in. The loss helped Sagan post a league worst 11 goals allowed in 6 games as well as putting up a league worst 2 goals scored.

I'll have a preiew of Sanga after the matches today.

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