Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Togawa and Nagai out for Consadole

Well, it's gonna be very interesting to see the VooDoo that witch doctor Ramos attempts to perform with the vacant centerback position.

Let's peruse the candidates

Seitaro Tomisawa- If Ze Luis is banged up, I'm guessing Tomisawa will stay in the DMF spot. Had a bit of trouble clearing in the Shonan game which helped contribute to two of the goals.

Koijiro Kaimoto- Actually, he'd move into Hattori's spot and Hattori would presumably move to the center position. Not crazy about this but it would give a boost to distribution from the back and I think Hattori could adapt.

Yugo Ichiyanagi- It'd be a good chance for the youngster that makes sense. Probably zero chance of happening.

Shigenori Hagimura- DING!DING!DING! We have a loser......been waiting to see what excuse Rui uses to get one of his favorite cronies in the starting 11 and this one looks like a golden opportunity.

Tomo Sugawara- Shockingly mediocre in the Shonan game after coming on for Nanami.....2 men down you have to be better on the clearances.

Shin Kanazawa- He's been practicing in the back and having good runs in training. Rui has seemingly forgot about him, though.

Eugene Killoran-Could we see the young Irishman play his match in green? Not likely.

There is also a bench spot up for grabs- Nozomi Hiroyama, Masaki Saito, Kanazawa, Iio, Hiramoto......all possibilities.

I don't dare delve into the mind of Rui......it's much too murky!

FC Ryukyu signs a Verdy alum


Takuya Sato signed up with FC Ryukyu on the 13th after spending time with Verdy in 2006. Sato makes a homecoming of sorts as he was signed from the Okinawa side at the start of the 2006 campaign. Sato failed to mark last year and probably is at his level of play in Ryukyu.

Good luck!

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Ultranippon said...

I would like to see Ichiyanagi or maybe Kaimoto in the DF (as you said Hattori can play as a central defender). Kaimoto would give more balls to the FW because he is speed and has good pass.

Steve, nick what do you think about Fujita? he made some good matches last season.