Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Lineup

I've seen the past week

Not too shabby

GK Takagi
DF Fukuda-Tsuchiya-Tomisawa-Hattori
MF Diego-Nanami-Ze Luis-KANAZAWA


A little more optomistic now


Aaron said...

Great game although horrible errors from Hattori and Baldy. Sapporo look like a solid team whereas I thought Verdy were a team of individuals. Kanazawa was great too.
Not looking good for the permed one imo.

Nick said...

A sickening day all round I too saw the game and was thoroughly dissapointed.....Also,Wolves lost 3-2 to Birmingham after being 2-1 up with 18 minutes to go, Birmingham equalised a few mins later and then went ahead with 2 mins to go. Wolves had a missed penalty in injury time.....F`@!K We are still in the playoffs by the skin of our teeth but todays loss isnt gonna do the confidence of my (other) Boys any good.COME ON THE WOLVES!!!!!!Im s****ing bricks at the minute and will be praying to any available God this week that we can do QPR next week.Ah the joy of following mediocrity!! The business end of the season in England,check the top of the Fizzy Pop Championship for an exciting finish! Top 9 all have a chance of going up!!

-------------NipponBasse----------------- said...

What's wrong with Verdy? 4 losses in a row..... you got the best players, the biggest squad, probably the biggest budget...and still you produce such results... time for mr Rui to step down maybe?

SMB said...

NBasse- I think Aaron nailed it on the head when he calls them individuals. Really there hasn't been a great team effort that I can point to this year. Most of the wins came from Tsuchiya playing great in the back and Hulk doing some great things up top with Funakoshi.....when one of those two don't perform....Verdy loses.

I like Wolverhampton and would love to see them up next year.