Sunday, April 29, 2007

A couple of things to look at

So finally, clips of the defeats at Sapporo and Tokushima have sprung up on YOUTUBE

The second goal against Vortis had me in awe of Tsuchiya and in shock at the inept game Takagi had.




Might as well give you a little taste of what happened in Tosu

2-1 loss

The combination of Funakoshi and Iio combined to put up no shots in 90 minutes
Hulk and Diego notched their 4th yellows, thereby forcing them to sit against Mito
Nagai, who usually would sub in for Kanazawa/Sato/Ono instead came in for the Brazilian Buffalo and immediately set up Kanazawa for the equalizer.

In games where Verdy allows 2 goals, their record is 0-1-6

Verdy dropped to 8th place behind Cerezo. If Sagan and Tokushima win on Thursday and Verdy loses by a couple, they will drop to 11th place.

That was the 6th loss in a row for Verdy and WA-Rui Ramos

More to follow tomorrow


Aaron said...

Wa-rui - nice one! Reminds me of M-Akebono who would probably be as good at managing Verdy as Mr Perm.

Vendo Thefastlane said...

I bet Tokyo fans are getting da-rui with the whole situation.

Unfortunately I can't see one or both teams being happy with the results on Thursday... I predict the 12th game will trigger sad times for quite a few people.