Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kurokawa goes to Niigata

Do you remember this man? He was a Verdy keeper last year who did not get a chance to see the light of day and eventually got shipped to JEF United Ichihara Chiba. Well former Verdy backstop Takaya Kurokawa is now off to Albirex Niigata to add depth to the backstop position.
Kurokawa was hanging out with the Japanese Soccer College when he got the call to join up with the majestic cranes of Niigata. Only 25, it was a minor shock when the rest of the league seemingly left him for dead after being an Olympian only 3 short years ago.
Another former Verdian still floating out amongst the unemployed is young midfielder Masatomo Kuba. This one is a little less surprising, given the abundance of similar type (small, fast attacking midfielders) players but Kuba has some skills and might be worth a look for teams with smaller squads.
Other former Verdy guys still looking for opportunities are Ryosuke Kijima, Takuya Yamada and Takashi Hirano

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