Saturday, April 07, 2007

The highlights (I suppose)

From what I can surmise........

The first goal saw Yamagata completely undress Fukuda and put a high one just over the outstretched hands of of Takagi. Great individual move and a good lesson for the young man......If Ruy doesn't decide that Shigenori Hagimura could do a much better job first.

Fukuda??? gave a nice feed to Hulk, who sent it to the center of the box and off the chest of hapless Alvin Ceccoli. Ball looked like a rocket. It seems Hulk always brings his game, even when the rest of the squad lags.

The PK came off a hand ball, I think, If you look at the footage of Tomisawa, Alex, and Tsuchiya going up for the header it looks as though Tomisawa gets his hand on it. Stupid mistake and really unneccessary, but his back was turned so you do what you gotta do.

Had to happen sooner rather than later.

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Nick said...

the peno came off a foul by Tomisawa on Alex,it was a deep cross from the left,ball comes across Alex runs through the centre,cross beats everyone but Alex is lieing on the floor in a heap when the camera cuts usual on Japanese "replays" you don`t see the controversial offside/peno/across theline or not decision.The foul for the PK isnt on the highlights reel...