Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thespa goes down 1-0 as I post the lineup

Thespa had a gritty 4 shot performance against an equally gritty Cerezo side....who also had 4 shots. Unfortunately Thespa failed........Anyhow.GO THESPA!

The Lineup

GK Yoshihara

DF Fukuda Tsuchiya Togawa Sugawara


Diego Kanazawa

FW Hulk Funakoshi

BENCH: Takagi, Tomisawa,Nagai, Shibasaki, IIO

Frankly the bench leaves me speechless. Hiramoto, Saito, Inoue, and Hiroyama were all left back in Tokyo so they could take Senor NoShots instead. I guess we should also get used to seeing the Brazilian Buffalo playing out of position on the wing for the full 90 minute shift. The good news is that Yoshihara has a chance to steal the keeper position away from Takagi or at least pressure him to play better.

Of note for the home squad is Verdy signee Leonardo, who was with the squad for about 20 seconds.

Anyhow, well see how the team does today with the more eclectic lineup.



Biby Cletus said...

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Warm Regards

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SMB said...

Umm....Thanks! Do you like the J league? Cause your site didn't really seem to be about soccer. Actually, what is your blog about? I didn't get it.

Diego got a yellow card....out for Mito, which will probably mean Ono is in.

Ultranippon said...

Verdy lost 2-1, what a shit, I'm really disappointed with the team :(. Fans shouldn't go to the Stadium in order to kick Ramos ass!! >:(

RAMOS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick said...

Just finished watchimg the game and to be honest what can he do with the players hes got!!? We have effectively one striker in the squad as Funakoshi (first half) and Iio second contributed F+@!!ing nothing all day. Funakoshi was better than Iio to be fair, how Iio is a professional footballer I dont know,why the hell do teams keep signing him?? his goals per game record is terrible and its not like he is a Beardsley,Sheringham "provider". F-ing useless!! Kawasaki will be well off when Hulk eventually gets back there!! The man is a demon,plays his heart out for 90 minutes,never gives up the cause and is our best by a long chalk.Not sure why Hiramoto wasn`t put in at half time,maybe its the pimp `tache he was sporting against Tokushima that did it.Diego was fat and useless again today though his booking was harsh.Bit of a shoulder charge the player went down but got straight up again and the ref saw fit...Kanazawa looked great until he scored, some great running got in some good positions.Scored and thought it gave him license to shoot from anywhere with predictable results.The dollar signs were definatly in his eyes today. One thing that must be worked on is our free kicks from anywhere near the box.The current plan revolves around if its anywhere past the half way line,giving it to Hulk who blasts it into the wall/high and wide/straight at the keeper. He scored one long ranger early on this season so this gives him license to fire at will?? Bit of creativity please!!
Fans 100 per cent SHOULD go to the stadium!! Lets be positive!! OK things are going shite lately but football changes quickly a couple of wins changes it all!! I can`t believe im defending Ramos but I dont think a change of manager will make a big difference at this stage.He`ll be gone soon Im pretty sure though.Lets hope we can do Mito!! Though lord knows how with the prospect of Iio and Funakoshi up front!! PLEASE play Hiramoto!!

SMB said...

Again, I have to disagree with you on this....."The players he has?" He's in charge of player selection and he has 35 plusw at his disposal.....he chooses Kaz Iio constantly, puts Diego in a position where he is surely ill-equipped, completely forgets about the 20 guys on his satellite squad in order to play his cronies. LAST YEAR a case could have been made for him not having the talent to compete, but this year there are no excuses for this. He picked this team.

I guess this game was better than the shellings handed out in the early moments of the previous contests. But that also reflects on him as a manager. How teams can not be prepared to play when they are in must win situations.....and I say must win because they are falling further down the list.....there was a stat I read that no team has advanced straight when losing 6 games in the first 12......only Kobe got promotion and that was after a playoff game.

The streakiness is also a reflection of the coach. Good coaches figure out a way to get their players to stop losing streaks, especially when they are stocked with so many "character" guys.

I think Takeshi Okada would straighten this mess out.