Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Weekly Soccer Digest-Weekly Soccer Magazine final wrap

Weekly Soccer Digest gave Verdy a D grade overall

Forwards were rated a C
Mids were rated a C
Defense and Keepers got a D
Foreign imports got a B (I guess they forgot the first half of the season when Dedimar was mucking it up)

Ruy got a low of E

Soccer Magazine didn't have ratings......both called Kazuki Hiramoto MVP.......I don't really know who would make a better pick than Hiramoto but it still bothers me in a way and I can't quite put my finger on it.......guess he's as good as any. I'll think more about it.

Urawa redux

It looks like there are two schools of thought on Urawa........A. They earned the right to pillage because they do things the right way and B. Too much of a monopoly is bad for the league. Nick raised a very valid point about jealousy being involved in complaints about Urawa Gluttony. I can't disagree with that, I think there is big jealousy on teams who can't come up with funds because of poor management, lack of fan support, lack of sponsors, etc..

My main concern is making the rest of the league into a farm team for two or three superclubs, Ala Premier League or La Liga. I really hope that the league doesn't turn into a SPL clone with Urawa playing the role of Rangers and FC Tokyo or Gamba becoming Celtic with the rest of the league not really having a shot.

J2 transactions

Shonan Bellmare added a couple from J2 and dumped some more

Kashiwa Reysol MF Shota Suzuki and Montedio Yamagata FW Ryuta Hara sign up for next years squad. Brazilian trio Nivaldo, Flavio, and Amarildo get shown the door.

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