Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rumor Central

Nikkan Sports now has a report about Nanami to Verdy.

The article states that (erroneously reported by me as current Jubilo player) Cerezo MF has stated he is 100% sure he will not go back to Jubilo and his decision will be between Tsunami and Cerezo or Ramos and Verdy.

Another interesting little tidbit is that they are going after Former National Team player and Urawa keeper Ryota Tsuzuki. That would be an incredible move, absolutely approve of this move. Tsuzuki got beat out for the job by Norihiro Yamagishi this season and looks like he has no place on the squad.

So just to let you know

Hattori- Jubilo
Nanami- Cerezo
Tsuchiya- Omiya (I don't buy this one)
Hulk- Consadole Sapporo
Tsuzuki- Urawa Reds

Tsuzuki, Hulk and one of the two old dudes and it's a very merry christmas in Verdy Town!


Littbarski has officially been announced as the new coach of Avispa Fukuoka.

Awesome, now Ruy can go up against another former star of yesteryear who is a little deficient in coaching proficiency!!!!!!

Montedio Yamagata gets Yohei Toyoda on loan from Grampus. the young striker notched 1 in 9 games for the Nagoya squad.

And finally................

Back in business
This is day one of a blog dedicated to one of the most erratic and irritating teams on the face of the earth. Tokyo Verdy 1969 traces it's roots to something or other......hell if I know. Yomiuri had some sort of affiliation with them and then they were based in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan.While in Kawasaki they were the first powerhouse in the inagural J-League. They won 3 J-league cups (92,93,94), Two league championships (93,94) , 5 Emperors Cup titles (84,86,87,96 and the last one).This year they started off by defeating crosstown rival (and crashing bore) FC Tokyo in the final of the 84th Emperors cup, guaranteeing them a spot in the Asian Champions League and raising expectations to unforseen heights.Now they will be taking road trips to exotic places like Ehime and Mito..........instead of playing perennial powerhouse Yokohama F Marinos, they will play powder blue Yokohama FC.If you are looking for detailed footnotes and historical references, there are better places. If you are looking for in-depth coverage of one of Japan's most storied soccer franchises, there are better places. If you are looking for breaking news and hot rumors about the men in snot green, there are much, much better places. However, if you are looking for the literary equivalent of a heckler at the Special Olympics (Which I am completely against........those kids try hard! Unlike the flotsam wearing the buzzard on their badges) This is the place for you.Welcome. Drive by really slowly and ogle the carnage that is.....................TOKYO VERDY 1969

One year ago today, I started Soilent Green 1969. Honestly, I thought that I would run out of steam and stop about 3 months in but here it is. I'd like to thank everyone who has read and posted comments (Especially Nick, Ultranippon, and now Aaron). Special thanks goes out as well to Masa at Masa-Net, Furtho at G!G!O!A! and the many bloggers who document Verdy in Japanese and Spanish. I'm hoping for an improved SG 1969 next year and a much improved Verdy.


Aaron said...

Do you think Verdy has a chance of signing Tsuzuki? He's probably in the top 5 keepers in J1 IMO and there's not much to choose between him and Yamagishi.
I'm all for weakening Urawa of course but Verdy must be offering big bucks if they are to sign him.

Ultranippon13 (-Keitaro-) said...

On the one hand, Happy birthday SG1969 and thank you for making this cool blog about the most erratic club of Japan, Steve!

On the other, Tsuzuki would be a great GK and he would give the team more defensive security, the same as Hattori, Tsuchiya, Sonoda, Miyasaki, Shibasaki and Nanami (if finally we buy him).

If Verdy buy these players we will have a very good team. And a very merry christmas :D.


Nick said...

I think if Tsuzuki is one of the top 5 goalies in Japan there isn`t much chance he`ll come to us unfortunately!! If we do end up going for the old guys (again) we will continue to tread water and not progress.As was stated earlier,the teams who got up this year had a young base and went from there.Nanami and Hattori have played for a tiring,uninspired Jubilo team who finished in 9th place.They have effectively been given their marching orders after nigh on a careers worth of service.How much are they gonna give a toss about a J2 team for one season (at best) in the twilight of their careers??An old head is good but if its on old legs and plastic knees then it isn`t much good in the long haul...We needed a back up goalie as The Cat has thankfully been put out to seed,we`ve signed one and he`s probably good at making tea and again knows where his way round the car park/local area as he`s been here before.LETS SIGN SOME YOUNGER GUYS PLEASE!!! Also happy birthday to SG1969 and well done to Steve for having the energy to talk about the shite team that we all can`t do without!!,its certainly made letting my annoyance out much easier!! Heres to a great 2007 season!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and everyone related to SG1969 and The Mighty Green Army!!! Onwards and Upwards The Boys March On!!

Ultranippon13 (-Keitaro-) said...

I don't think the team has become old.

Although, on the one side, Verdy is going to buy old players as Tsuchiya, Hattori and Nanami, on the other, Verdy sign some youngs such as Sonoda, Miyasaki, Shibasaki MF, Shibasaki GK, Fukuda and put to the first team Osama and Killoran and sold some old players.