Friday, December 15, 2006

Verdy GM moves to Chiba

Hot off the Verdy blog, Tadashi Karai is on his way out as General Manager of Tokyo Verdy 1969 and on his way in to two time defending Nabisco Cup Champion JEF United Chiba.

Let's see, If I can recall correctly, The GM is responsible for player acquisition and club promotion. So under the Karai regime in 2005, Verdy saw the demise of their J1 membership, the raiding of their young talent, the hiring of a big name coach who is more name than coach, A drop in attendance from a middling 15,000 to a number hovering just under 6,000, The acquisition of players such as Dedimar, Shigenori Hagimura, Tetsuhiro Kina, and Kazunori Iio who helped lead the squad to a 7th place finish.

Umm...........Good Luck?


Nikkan sports is reporting that Cerezo striker Okubo is on the move to Yokohama F marinos if they can hammer out the rental fee. Article here

Sagan Tosu picked up Hiroyuki Ishida from Venforet Kofu. Ishida played in only a few games for Kofu after coming over from Malaysia. The striker is probably best known for his exploits in Australia, appearing for a Sydney squad that was the in the precusor to todays Hyundai A League and then appearing for the Perth Glory.

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