Friday, December 29, 2006

If you wondered......

Where Verdys former Brazilians have ventured off to.......I have an update.

Two weeks ago Basilio joined up with the worst Verdy Brazilian in history at Serie B club Mariliaílio%20e%20Jardel%20como%20reforços.

Marilia currently sit 9th in Serie B at 13 wins 11 losses and 14 draws......much like a certain Green squad that shall remain nameless.

FutebolJapones reports that David Beckham has a secret negotiation with Tokyo Verdy

And I looooooooove Ice Dancing! Nice Joke! Happy Day of the Innocents!

Consadole Sapporo drops a tough one to Gamba Osaka 2-1

Much praise goes out to the Northern boys as they knocked off 3 J1 squads and put a bit of a scare to the 2005 champs. It signified the last game for Masaaki Yanagishita who leaves the coaching reins to former Omiya headman Toshiya Miura. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Yanagishita.

Don't get comfortable in J1...........

Yokohama FC. It seems the heir to the Flugel name is in financial straits, according to Nikkan Sports

Yokohama FC signed Tamano and Nejime because they were cheap and had some promise. It seems the squad let ten players go, including superstriker Alemon and now are having trouble getting enough money to sign up assist leader Augusto. Could we see a repeat of last years first to worst?

Oh yeah......Urawa beat Kashima so we get to see yet another super important battle between Gamba and Urawa. Well, it beats watching people eat on TV.


Aaron said...

Isn't Marilia Alison's club?

SMB said...

Yes it is.

Nick said...

I don`t know,I used to rather like The Big Eat Battles at Christmas!! 19 bowls of Gyu-don in under an hour anyone!! I can remember clearly the controversy caused by the guy in the "Eat as much as you can weight wise in an hour" competition a few years back..while most competitors were guzzling down steaks,cream cakes rice etc this lad was sitting back slowly eating lettuce and the like.Then in a "lasto spurto!!" like effort he necked one and a half 3 litre botles of water in the last 2 minutes to win by a country mile!! Superb!!Now thats TV!!

SMB said...

No,I'm not talking about eating competitions.....I love the 4th of July Nathans hot dog contest....I'm talking about the ones where SMAP or some other no talent collection of morons sit around and eat and say OIIIIIISHI or that thing where they play tag or dodgeball

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